Saturday, 26 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140725 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Brandis ties NGO funding to non-advocacy - blatant attempt to stifle dissent (v @charliepick @Asher_Wolf)#AU

.@Nestle wants to lock up its control over Fryeburg’s water until 2057 - epetition helping to stop them #commons

#China begins shutting down coal-power polluters - welcome

Senator Wyden Toying With The Idea Of Releasing The Senate's CIA #Torture Report - we'll get it one way or another..

Drought-Stricken Southwest Has Lost a 'Shocking' Amount of Its Precious Groundwater - means things will get worse

 Moving to #LibreOffice saves Toulouse 1 million - another wise move, saving plenty #opensource

Pirate Bay Founder’s Religious Rights Spark New Complaint - that's the Church of #Kopimism in case you were wondering

Met worse than Murdoch - "undercover Met officers spied on family of Jean Charles De Menezes after they murdered him"

 A New Wave of Wacko Evangelicals Swept GOP Primaries—and Could Win Several Seats in Washington - lucky America

"business model of internalizing profits & dumping their labor costs on society" - business, not gov., the parasite

How the Public Is Using Internet to Score Major Victories Against Corporate Food Giants - see? epetitions can work

#Mars lawyers slam tobacco plain packaging - … they know they're next for warnings about excessive #sugar content

Report: Germany to reject EU-Canada trade deal - pretty big if confirmed; #TTIP#TAFTA also affected #ISDS

Canada-EU free trade deal to be rejected by Germany, says report - more on the same #CETA

The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel - from 2012, but an interesting analysis of UK Tories

German SMEs reject #ISDS - another reason it's dead - (v @dozykraut)#TAFTA #TTIP

Selbst der Bundesverband für mittelständische Wirtschaft sagt No2ISDS! - only the big corps want it - says it all

.@techdirt "went from profitable to unprofitable as a result of the SOPA fight", & could do with a little help now -

Mother could be forced to pay damages to child for drinking during pregnancy - not sure that will help much...

In Pictures, Palestinians Visit Ravaged #Gaza Areas During Cease-Fire - heart-breaking stuff...

#NHS manager redundancy payouts total £1.6bn since 2010 - 4000 re-hired - utter government incompetence

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