Friday, 25 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140724 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

NATO to expand Polish base in response to Russian threat - yeah, that will help calm things down...

UN official: Yemen could be 'first country to run out of water' - but certainly not the last #climatechange

.@KimDotcom : 'The Internet party will abolish mass surveillance' - shrewd - and welcome - promise #NZ

What the UK Government’s adoption of #ODF really means - good points (v @schestowitz)#openstandards

Square Enix Nixes 3 Years Of Fan Translation Work On PSP, Despite Not Releasing English Version For PSP - petty

"SPS provisions in TTIP will not lower the level of protection in the EU nor in the US" - but mutual recognition will

What the recent ECJ ruling means for transparency in the #TTIP negotiations - excellent analysis of important ruling

9/11 Commission's '10 Years Later' Report: The Only Problem With US Counterterrorism Efforts Is The General Public -

UN "made repeated attempts to negotiate a window of time during which people could safely leave area, none granted" -

Food. It's on the table. - how the European Commission will circumvent its promises on #foodsafety for #TTIP

Cambodian expert shows how to disarm a mine, using a live landmine as an example... Cambodian shows how to disarm a mine respect

"cost of rebuilding Gaza homes destroyed so far in Israeli bombing $800 million - whole of Gaza's annual budget" -

#OpenSource Software in Local Government - interesting FOI showing obstacles to overcome

Australian Government Proposes New Copyright Law: Basically Hollywood's Wishlist - just awful #AU

#Israeli cabinet rejects US proposal for 'humanitarian pause' in Gaza fighting - boycott & disinvestment the only way

In #Gaza, Hamas fighters are among civilians. There is nowhere else for them to go -  there's your problem, #Israel..

A word in your ear: the interpreters who speak for world leaders - fascinating glimpses

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