Wednesday, 1 February 2012


#Newzbin Lawyer Struck Off For Posting Insulting Tweets During Case - & Not Declaring He Owned Company He Defended –

Angry Birds boss: 'Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business' - he gets it: piracy is often marketing

Codecademy is 1 Million Strong and Launching a Teacher Tool - the world needs more coders

Submission on Changes to Irish #Copyright Law - excellent points; but will they listen? #ireland

I'd just like to say that #paypal is an utter waste of electrons, and its customer "service" is just as bad. That is all. #fail

Mandriva Bankruptcy Crisis Averted, For Now - what a cliffhanger... #linux #distros

FIFA Orders #Brazil To Overturn Ban On Selling Beer At World Cup Matches - "Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant"

Samsung loses bid to overturn ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 model in Germany - I hope Apple enjoys its sad little "victory"

The GNU Education Project - sensible

Pandora's Box 2.0: Opening proprietary code - giving stuff away is harder than you might think #opensource

Met Office in the Media: 29 January 2012 - interesting rebuttal of piece in Mail on Sunday #climatechange

Newt Gingrich sued for #copyright infringment - strange how politicians get away with it, while little people don't

PETIŢIE: România nu vrea #ACTA! SEMNAŢI AICI! - you know what to do (well, if you're Romanian, you do...) #ro

So who is Apple going to buy? - frightening thought: it might be Amazon... (but antitrust issues, surely?)

ridiculous consequences as the works of 3 great English writers enter the global public domain - #copyright insanity

Will Academics' Boycott Of Elsevier Be The Tipping Point For Open Access -- Or Another Embarrassing Flop? - well? #oa

Thou Shalt Not Demonstrate - shameful proposals for Trafalgar Square (v +Alan Cox ) #london

#Megaupload y la destrucción de la cultura a lo largo de la historia - great post about a real crime #culture

Chinese dissident on trial after using Skype to send poem - ah, the power of poetry to make governments tremble

Open Knowledge Foundations’s CKAN Software to Power new European Commission Data Portal - good choice - suits you

Il web nella gabbia del copyright - ben detto #acta #copyright

With A Little Help: Digital Lysenkoism - lovely metaphor, nicely done #drm #publishing

Libraries, codecs, OSS - useful run-down #rasperrypi

Justice Department Backs RIAA Against Pirating Student - key fact: "5 former RIAA lawyers employed by DoJ"

Microsoft and Adobe named in takedown of, Ukraine’s version of Megaupload - are they indeed...

Will fossil-fuel giants be bailed out like the banks? - frightening thought

Why publishers should give away ebooks - oh no: I almost agree with Nicholas Carr... #publishing

#Drone Diplomacy: Comply or Die - how long before we have open source anti-drone missiles?

#Mozilla Questions Web Orthodoxies With ‘Pancake’ - that's where the lizard wranglers take you

Copying Is Not Theft, But #Censorship Is - catch the great video...while you can #copyright

Barack Obama faces pressure over TVShack extradition case - UK government comes out of this looking simply pathetic

A Crowdfunded Approach To Setting E-Books Free - clever idea; shouldn't be necessary, of course..

Twitter’s new ‘censorship’ feature could lead to legal restrictions for UK tweeters - another reason to fix #libel law

RT @mathewi Neil Young: “Piracy is the new radio. That’s how music gets around.” at Dive Into Media >>great encapsulation

Tell Secretary Clinton to Protect the Bottom of the World - #epetition to preserve Ross Sea

How Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of the ‘1 percent’ - fascinating tale

The Internet Is No Lawless Land - an #ACTA fable

Warner Bros. Just Keeps Pushing People To Piracy; New Deal Also Delays Queuing - </facepalm>

Apple Is Totally Serious About That Stuff They Put At The End Of Their Emails - ah, yes, Apple... #controlfreakery

Dutch Supreme Court Sees Game Objects As Goods - do they really want to go there?

'Hot News' Returns In Hollywood Publisher Catfight - not again

Neil Young is right — piracy is the new radio - link to full post: lots of good examples

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