Tuesday, 31 January 2012


#MetOffice cuts off #Linux users with new weather widgets - http://bit.ly/w7ZiEk daft: should have used #HTML5 instead

Former German Justice Minister supports call for #openstandards - http://bit.ly/yIReWw that's good

#ACTA: The new threat to the net - http://bit.ly/ygJGz3 gentle reminder: this #avaaz epetition is close to a million signatories...

#Skype bows to #China’s whim, censors users to prevent being banned - http://tnw.co/xkrcCA #VPNs are your friend

Portuguese Authors Association Caught Faking Authors Names - http://bit.ly/xxcWiM greed & deceit: what a typical combination here

Hollywood Edition - http://bit.ly/ySQHHW witty re-imagining of the Net if #hollywood rules applied #acta

#Poland's PM vows caution on internet anti-piracy pact - http://bit.ly/zCsiYY still not clear what is going on here #ACTA

Our broken system - http://bit.ly/zzZxJZ which we desperately need to fix

great series of pix of complete nutters in insane race - http://bit.ly/zlRQ79 people are so weird

#Publishers invent a whole new form of evil: suing their customers - http://bit.ly/xYKguy greed meets stupidity (v @CameronNeylon)

RT @mmasnick Cool music hack day hack. Torrentplans maps file sharing locations to tour data. Shows artist where to tour. #midem >>clever

RT @PiratePartyUK One million voices against #ACTA: bit.ly/ybGSgX >>let's make it two million (v @Falkvinge)

Important: European Union has a Google+ post with discussion of #ACTA - http://bit.ly/wD8iBz pl. join in with polite comments

MT @NeelieKroesEU My tweetchat starts in 3 hours (3pm) - send your questions using #askneelie ow.ly/8KOK7 >>lots of #ACTA qs, pl.

new german #ACTA info site - http://bit.ly/z6TN5R we need these for each language: anyone got links for others? #de

Bill Gates, the Man Who Changed Open Source - http://bit.ly/wWlnfQ rubbish: MS is undermining OSS everywhere – http://bit.ly/zXiVXN

[correct URL] What laws and bananas have in common - http://bit.ly/wt85tD more thoughts on #ACTA

Making Open Data Real consultation - responses - http://bit.ly/Arnqym kudos: they offer ODT format too (v @Coadec)#opendata

11.02.2012: Aktionstag gegen #ACTA - http://bit.ly/yLKOXt should we make 11 February a Europe-wide action day against ACTA?

The Sky Is Rising: The Entertainment Industry Is Large & Growing... Not Shrinking - http://bit.ly/wKgBAO brilliant stuff - do read

RT @DigitalAgendaEU Tweetchat with @NeelieKroesEU has just finished - All tweets with #AskNeelie here: http://bit.ly/A1WsKZ >> lots of #ACTA

Debunking the EU Commission's Lies About #ACTA - http://bit.ly/xfDNPr & that's what they are: out & out lies; shameful

After the Battle Against #SOPA—What's Next? http://bit.ly/xgTHlx great to hear @lessig on this stuff

Red Hat Quietly Joins the OpenStack Effort - http://rww.to/A3EEBF nice move #cloudcomputing #redhat

Stop #ACTA site - http://bit.ly/Ab7RxV lots of useful info, plus handy tips on who to contact, what to do (v @RoyHugo)

UK Tourists deported from U.S. for Twitter jokes - http://bit.ly/AwKnP7 what do you expect? DHS can't even spell humour...

The MPAA in Latin America - http://bit.ly/yYxalX great background to what they've been up to #brazil #mexico

Hang The Pirates — But Start With The Movie Moguls And Record Execs - http://bit.ly/ymqNYo long, but makes lots of valid points

More than half of all UK MPs are now on Twitter - http://tnw.co/AyHLK3 hopeful sign

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