Tuesday, 24 January 2012


a list of petitions against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (#ACTA) - http://bit.ly/z7EKE7 useful and important; pl. pass on

Filesonic Kills File-Sharing Service After #MegaUpload Arrests - http://bit.ly/whwpVB someone will be pleased...

Freedom for scholarship in the internet age - http://bit.ly/z3DVwl first draft of important thesis on #openaccess et al.

New #RIM CEO: “#BlackBerry will remain among top three players worldwide” - http://tnw.co/yjCCSe also believes in the Tooth Fairy

Stop Extradition Fair UK Trial for Richard #ODwyer - http://bit.ly/zpWTQ5 another important epetition: please sign if you can

Browser Sedimentation - http://bit.ly/wLnZWA lovely metaphor #ui

The MegaUpload Seizure Could Be An Opportunity - http://bit.ly/Asl4AM interesting point about case and piracy harm #copyright

Contribute to Open Education Week - http://bit.ly/yBHzCe coming up in March #oer #ocw #oa

After #SOPA/PIPA in the US, #ACTA Makes Its Way to the EU Parliament - http://bit.ly/xjGPZo a disgrace in the making

RT @JackofKent Doing #Leveson submission - examples please of MSM unauthorised/uncredited use of photos from Flickr or Facebook.

Judge Delays Megaupload Bail Decision, More Site Operators Arrested - http://bit.ly/wuq7dl I predict this will make a fab book

#Tumblr's Inflection Point Came When Curators Joined Creators - http://dthin.gs/w9HIDi interesting point

When Should Open Source Be Written Into Law? - http://bit.ly/wTTwy6 much too limited list there

Anonymous Campaign: Meet the New DDoS, Same as the Old DDoS - http://bit.ly/wyclLq some background info

Statistics On Scandinavian Music Streamers - http://bit.ly/zRUCZS more evidence that people will pay if there's a fair offering #piracy

Crowdsourced ‘Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut’ Debuts on YouTube - http://on.mash.to/zbp093 the power of sharing: #sopa would kill it

Yosemite HD time-lapse video - http://bit.ly/xD2RWX wow: the perfect way to start monday

Huawei to launch two ”Diamond” smartphones, even better than the Ascend P1 S - http://bit.ly/zMdqDJ #android based

Höft & Wessel goes #Android - http://bit.ly/w9nVeD yet another sector, and an important one: mobile terminals

TPPWatch Action Bulletin #2 – 23 Jan 2012 - http://bit.ly/AEtXrr good summary of this follow-up to #ACTA #TPP

Extremadura to move all of its 40,000 desktops to #opensource - http://bit.ly/x2m46u big - an important win on the desktop #es

The Pirate Bay Press Release On #SOPA: We Are The New Hollywood - http://bit.ly/x8xKq8 brilliantly done #piracy #edison

Murdoch calls out “ignorant argument” surrounding the copyright-stealing debate - http://tnw.co/xiLZYh shows his ignorance on #copyright

If the feds can shut down Megaupload, why do we need #SOPA? - http://bit.ly/xK95mK the key question

Debunking The Argument That No Blockbusters Would Be Made Without The #Copyright Monopoly - http://bit.ly/zMqjnG that old chestnut

Andy Nelson named government CIO - http://bit.ly/yxci8n anyone know if he's got any form in #opensource #uk

Creative America Restocks... Hires Former DHS/ICE Spokesperson - http://bit.ly/wX8OIg these people are just so blatant #sopa

"La fin d’Hadopi est une victoire pour la création" - http://bit.ly/zv2uIt not perfect, but better than what we have (v @clarinette02)

TPP: spoons of the same “SOPA” - http://bit.ly/yFnYf9 digital rights group in #paraguay against #TPP

Homebrew Cray-1A - http://bit.ly/zGOH4d "1/10-scale, binary-compatible, cycle-accurate" </applause> (v @jackschofield)

Juror jailed over online research - http://bit.ly/xfs7mW curious: you might argue that well-informed people are exactly what you want...

“Average Airbnb Host In NYC Pockets $21,000 A Year” - http://tcrn.ch/xrIXaz surprising #collaborativeconsumption

The Behind-the-Scenes Campaign To Bring #SOPA To Canada - http://bit.ly/xfB8xG what a coincidence..or maybe concerted...

SoundCloud hits 10 million users - http://bit.ly/zuvXuJ great; let's hope no one confuses them for megaupload

YouTube Reaches 4 Billion Views Per Day - http://tcrn.ch/xaO0XM that's a lot of cat videos

How The Web Killed #SOPA and PIPA - http://bit.ly/yQMEHu useful summary of who did what, with links (v @mgeist)

UN and IACHR Rapporteurs Renew Call for Internet Freedom of Expression - http://bit.ly/xYgeve could be a bit of hint there

Should Research Be More Freely Available? - http://nyti.ms/wQWhtw pathetic & patronising reply by #nejm (v @petersuber)#rwa

Dan Bull Raps About How #Megaupload Takedown Screws Indie Artists Like Him - http://bit.ly/yty2DJ he/it says it all #sopa

UK Mobile operators censor privacy tool 'Tor' - http://bit.ly/xNtpxs this is right out of order - stop it #censorship

#Ireland's #SOPA: A FAQ - http://bit.ly/ybApSs great resource about an incredibly stupid idea

Digital Music Sales Grow Worldwide, But Big Music Still Frets About Pirates - http://dthin.gs/wngYov remains utterly immune to evidence

Good news: Whale and dolphins are friends - http://bit.ly/x8TTmF wow: can't we all just get along? #cetaceans

French government #opendata portal - http://bit.ly/zPoAqP 352 000 datasets; stylish

Facebook picks fight with Google over who is more evil - http://bit.ly/yhChQR good piece on bizarre inter-company punch-up

The Cost of Knowledge: Researchers taking a stand against #Elsevier. http://bit.ly/zRDn3m if it takes off, could start next #oa revolution

Major Media Owning #SOPA/PIPA Supporters Whine That They Had No Way To Have Their Message Heard - http://bit.ly/xbJzHm oh, really???

Patent Inflation - http://bit.ly/y2jEss horribly plausible

The digital publishing revolution starts now - http://bit.ly/ylAqx8 kudos to @edbott and his publisher: no #drm (v @nskinsella)

Google nearly doubles #lobbying spending in 2011, tops Microsoft - http://cnet.co/ygnR4v no surprise there

Hollywood Unions: Now That You Lying Hacking Thieves Have Won, Can We Set A New Conciliatory Tone? - http://bit.ly/z8OLyU tone deaf much?

MegaUpload Loses Top Lawyer After ‘Outside’ Pressure - http://bit.ly/w3CzYb what does that mean?

Quit Whining About #SOPA and PIPA. Where's Public Outrage Over net Piracy? - http://bit.ly/xXA4j0 nowhere: not the problem (v @dozykraut)

Are Rogue Websites Really So Bad After All? - http://bit.ly/x8u99O poor logic: where's the evidence that Pirate #2 is at all common? #sopa

The EFF personally thanks #Reddit for its efforts to defeat #SOPA - http://tnw.co/wS1PXc nice gesture

Polish Government's Plan To Sign #ACTA Gets The SOPA Treatment - http://bit.ly/wP0IgT chiding techdirt? oh my...

DoJ to Megaupload users who lost files: You should have known better - http://bit.ly/zOaPhG yeah, that will go down well (v @dozykraut)

After terrific year, music biz demands that world adopt "SOPA plus" - http://bit.ly/wId4DS excellent analysis of disproportionate demands

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