Sunday, 8 January 2012


#Interview – Glyn Moody - with #microsoft site "Make Web Not War", about #opensource (no, really....)

a question: "good examples of public sector orgs benefitting from and contributing to floss projects?" suggestions gratefully received

Kenyans embrace open source software to beat war on piracy - v interesting (v @moldaviax)#kenya #ubuntu

Spies eye green protesters - the wrong kind of "open source" (v @skwashd)

Has Hollywood Hubris Awakened Silicon Valley To Importance Of Telling DC To Knock It Off On Bad Laws? - big question

$100 #OLPC tablet to debut at CES - "Android and Linux operating system support"; sounds cool

#Latvia on the brink of complete ban of GMO products - interesting

RT @Codepope looking for a new full-time writer for The H. If you want to write about open source mail me at

Study finds that filesharing is about convenience, not unwillingness to pay - good summary of preliminary conclusions

MPAA Lawyer Inspired File-Sharing Religion, Catholic Bishop Unhappy - moral: never trifle with hackers #kopimism

for anyone interested in answers to my question of public body use of #opensource big list here v @ghelleks-

First cases of totally drug resistant #TB in #India, one dead - so bad, so predictable, so avoidable (v @cstross)

Stop US legislation that would block public access to publicly funded research - publishers' greed knows no bounds #oa

YHGTBFKM: Ecological Society of America letter regarding #OpenAccess is disturbing - disgusting/insulting, more like

Excavator on Rooftop of 12-Story Building in Taiyuan - so what do you think: Shopped or not?

The #biofuel revolutionary - Sugar palm as good as he thinks?

Photos: Child labor in the mines of Sichuan - desperately sad stuff

OLPC XO 3.0 tablet: an 8-inch tablet for $100, with Android and Sugar options for the children - pix + details

“It Is Very Likely This Has Been the Driest First Week of January in U.S. Recorded History” - I'm sure it's all fine...

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