Friday, 27 January 2012


#ACTA Signed by the #EU. Let's Defeat it Together! - shameful contempt for its citizens: time to start fighting

On the Enforcement Fantasy - great piece on why the war on sharing is futile #copyright

Judge blasts "unlawful invasions of privacy" by "rogue" P2P attorney - a little justice at last

Ireland's #SOPA to permit #threestrikes; TDs asked to debate something they haven't seen - why do politicians do this?

Pese al rechazo del Senado, va #México por acuerdo que restringe libertad en Internet - more arrogance (v @SinkDeep)

Public Interest Organizations to Address Closed-Door Negotiation of #TPP in Los Angeles - in Los Angeles

ACTA: signed, not yet sealed - now it's up to us - #ORG has a few suggestions of how to start

Europe proposes a "right to be forgotten" - good summary #privacy

The Daily Mail is now the most popular #newspaper website in the world - what a frightening thought

Ubuntu swaps application menus for HUD control system - #bbc writing about #freesw? Mayans were right (v @schestowitz)

Who Votes For ACTA? - new site for fighting #ACTA

Book Review: Consent of the Networked by Rebecca MacKinnon - v long, but illuminating

High-definition pic of Earth - rather impressive

Efficiency over growth (and jobs) - good post about how we're trying to solve 21st cent. probs with 20th cent. ideas

Stop the biggest threat to Internet freedom: #ACTA - Avaaz epetition - we need huge numbers for this (v @AdV007)

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe - remember: this will be your USB in a few years' time...

Planned copyright changes could stop authors writing for schools - well, it might stop some; there's no shortage

#Nokia Q4: Scrambling For A Grip, But Still Falling; 1M+ Lumia Phones Sold - how long can it bleed dosh?

The Center for Food Safety Pushes Back Against #Gates Foundation “Feed the World” Propaganda - not as easy as he says

#ACTA : le rapporteur au Parlement européen démissionne ! - wow, what happened here? (v @gchampeau)

London 2012 Olympic Games commissioner quits over DOW partnership - more fun and, er, games... #bhopal

important: list of MEPs #ACTA (v @sargasso) for later mailing of your MEP about ACTA (v @AdV007)

clarification: that list of MEPs is all their email addresses

Polarised debate over EU data protection must be a wake up call for big data corps, they can't have it both ways –

The Pirate Bay Introduces 'Physibles': #Napster For Physical Objects - you thought the war on sharing was bad now

OK, here are the #MEPs on twitter - useful for later contact about #ACTA (v @sfsutcliffe @tweetminster)- anyone know if there is a circle of MEPs on G+?

useful list of MEPs' emails and telephone for those on key committees - useful for #ACTA (v @linotherhino)

What will you do when the US comes for you? - why not avoid the problem by using only non-US services? #patriotact

Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million for its use of Windows Phone platform - outrageous: it should have asked for double

Phones and internet cut in Tibetan area of #China - not good (v @rmack)#tibet

Warner Music Orders YouTube Takedown Of Slow Motion Crochet Video With No Music - huh? (v @jgriffinpk @publicknowledge)

#iPad dominates tablet market, but #Android is closing fast - it's the #smartphone story all over again - of course

#Dow & #Monsanto Team Up On Mother of All #Herbicide Marketing Plans - new product repeats errors of one it replaces

First release of the #Apache #ODF Toolkit - interesting #openoffice

#Udacity and the future of online universities - this does look potentially very powerful #education

another resource from @europatweets: lets you send messages to MEPs who are on #twitter

Poland is not lost - could challenge ACTA at the ECJ - important point: #ECJ is crucial

Act Now : Tell the Copyright Office to Make it Legal to Rip DVDs - for USians #copyright

EU Commission propaganda on #ACTA - great rebuttal of astonishing and outright lies: desperate or what?

The Norwegian Music-Streaming Experience Shows Why Tough Anti-#Piracy Laws Are Unnecessary - more inconvenient facts

Revealed: Proposed new powers over search results - really dumb ideas coming from UK copyright industries

WikiLeaks Cable: NASDAQ Folded To Chinese Pressure - they know which way the wind is blowing...

Setting up the European Cloud Partnership - great post raising important points

Memo to media: Supply and demand are out of your hands - great piece about realities of media business today

#Poland signs copyright treaty that drew protests - don't miss the pic: incredible #ACTA #protests

EU Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, & Denounces The 'Masquerade' Behind #ACTA - "in disgust" – amazing

EU #ACTA Chief Resigns In Disgust Over Disrespect At Citizens; Next Steps - "very close to describing a coup d’état"

RT @telecomix MSG from #Poland: WE STOPPED SOFTWARE PATENTS; WE WILL STOP #ACTA. /via @rysiek/@rysiekpl>>let's hope

EFF and Everything is a Remix want you to ask the Copyright Office for the right to remix - calling all Usians

Microsoft’s Nokia blood money potentially strangling other Windows Phone OEMs - yup, could backfire horribly

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