Saturday, 21 January 2012


Megaupload may be trying to get back online under new domain name - be surprised if they didn't

Crowd Cheers Loudly As All Four GOP Candidates Say No To #SOPA/PIPA - incredible how fast things are moving here

#SOPA Could Spell the End of the eBook Self-Publishing Movement - more collateral damage (v @mathewi)

165 French File-Sharers Now On 3rd Strike, “iTunes Up 22.5%” - but you'd expect much of that growth anyway #hadopi

Iran must halt execution of web programmer - terrible travesty of "justice" in #iran

#OpenStreetMap and Indoor Maps [Part 2/2]: The mapping proposal for OpenIndoorMaps - innovative & exciting #osm

Why #SOPA and PIPA are bad for open source - useful reminder why these are toxic for #opensource

EU Politicians Send Letter To US Congress Warning Of 'Extraterritorial Effects' Of #SOPA And PIPA - could be fun

MegaUpload: Copyright Industry At War Against Monsters of its Own Making - interesting analysis

RT @NeelieKroesEU Glad tide is turning on #SOPA: don't need bad legislation when should be safeguarding benefits of open net.

#Apple's #iBooks 2: an Attack on Educational Freedoms - worsening control-freakery: this is serious

Why David Aaronovitch is wrong about Wikipedia and #SOPA - great post with lovely sting in the tail

MT @btabaka#es: l'assoc. de consommateurs demande aux USA qu'ils restituent archives personnelles stockées sur MegaUpload (v @gchampeau)

Adopting #SOPA is ending privacy on internet - good to see this from Bulgarian MEP Ivailo Kalfin

Former President F.D. Roosevelt’s thoughts on #MegaUpload, #ACTA, #SOPA and PIPA - what a wise & prescient chap

Indonesian could face 5 years in jail for “God does not exist” Facebook comment - logically, atheists cannot blashpheme

Over 9,000 Hackers Join #Anonymous DDoS #SOPA/Megaupload Protest - pretty significant

Should PR People Be Able To Edit Otherwise Ignored Wikipedia Pages Of Their Clients To Correct Errors? - NB, PR people

EMI 20th Century Classics on #Spotify - 150 hours of interesting but approachable stuff

Reid Statement On #PIPA - pity it repeats the copyright industry's wildly incorrect stats and FUD (v @webmink)

Cameron’s light of #transparency on #lobbying is too dim - what a surprise

Why Chris Dodd Failed With His #SOPA/PIPA Strategy - wow, the #NYT emerges really badly from this: clueless & gutless

Still Life - aren't geeks wonderful? #art

Google Abandons Anonymous Accounts With New Signup Form - practising for #china?

With MegaUpload Down, Who’s Next? RapidShare? SoundCloud? DropBox? - that's the point: kill #innovation

OK, So #SOPA And #PIPA Are Both On Hold: Where Do We Go From Here? - important: we need some answers

An Abundance of Exoplanets Changes our Universe - struck me too: all has changed (not least probability of other life)

How #China Ate Android - #android sw + chinese hw is unbeatable: this is the future #smartphones

Was Megaupload bad for the creative industries? - well-informed comments on industry's fake figures (v @dozykraut)

Is Using A Piece Of Existing Music In A Film To Underline An Emotion 'Rape' - Or Just The Way Cinema Works? - sad story

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