Saturday, 7 January 2012


Will The Food Industry Ever Swallow Transparency's Bitter Pill? - openness, what's that? #openfood

Update on publishers and #SOPA: Time for scholarly publishers to disavow the AAP - wonderful & justified tirade

BitTorrent Releases New “Share” Application - torrents get a little more private

Rick Santorum opposes contraception - </facepalm>

News in #Slovakia: no #copyright in newspaper news - whoa, surprising (v @copyrightgirl)

Looted Heritage: Monitoring the Illicit Antiquities Trade - great use of #ushahidi

Help Preserve the Canadian Public Domain: Speak Out on the Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations - bad stuff #TPP

Submission to Consultation on #Copyright: #Orphan Works - part of forthcoming submission to UK government #hargreaves

Which Is Worse, #SOPA Or #PIPA? Answer: Both! - just in case you were wondering

Why #SOPA Would Be A Disaster For Scientific #Publishing - & for the publishers that foolishly support it

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