Thursday, 19 January 2012


Microsoft says it opposes #SOPA ‘as currently drafted’ - lots of wiggle room there, but better than nothing

A technical examination of #SOPA and PROTECT IP - another excellent run-through of what the key issues are

Not Piracy - a short reminder that it's a metaphor, and a bad one #sopa

#Google Goes Big With Its #SOPA/PIPA Protests; Blacks Out Logo - but only for users from US

Mistruths, Insults from the #Copyright Lobby Over HR 3699 - great debunking of lies about scientific publishing #oa

PIPA/#SOPA and Why You Should Care - great physical analogy of how they harm from boss of #mozilla

The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare - great piece about the future of war - #drones - & how they go wrong

D66-politica gaat EU-onderzoek internetvrijheid leiden - good news:@MarietjeD66 reporting on #net #freedom for #eu

#spain: 40 percent server and 15 percent public admin desktops deploy #opensource - impressive if confirmed

MPAA's Chris Dodd: Blackouts Turn Users Into “Corporate Pawns”
- users are intellectual slaves of copyright companies

Grumpy Rupert Murdoch says ‘many’ #SOPA supporting senators have skedaddled - how dare they think for themselves

First One Down: Rep. Lee Terry Removes His Name As A #SOPA Co-Sponsor - next, please

Orphan Works and the Digital Copyright Exchange - some thoughts #hargreaves #dce #uk

xkcd on #SOPA - points out that sharing helped spread word and built his business model (v @SinkDeep)

Springer permits commercial use for its hybrid #openaccess program - moving from cc-nc to cc-by (v @CameronNeylon)

Heavy weather and the new normal - things are heating up #resilience

kudos to today for their home page (v @ezraklein @jamie_love)#sopa

Grooveshark Blocks German Users Over Licensing Costs - can't let new ideas flourish, can we? #gema

Chegg to bridge gap between digital and physical textbooks - #html5 based #education #ebooks

Graphic: The Surging Momentum Behind #Wikipedia's #SOPA Blackout - interesting

Consultation Planned For Thames Estuary Airport - bonkers: from the barmy bonce of Boris... #london

An Updated Analysis: Why #SOPA & #PIPA Are A Bad Idea, Dangerous & Unnecessary - helpful, detailed update

Penguin’s DK: Goodbye Books, Hello ‘Flat’ Content. Make Once, Use Anywhere - apps not the saviour of #publishing

Forget #SOPA, Hollywood Already Had a Field Day with the Justice System - nothing new, but well written #copyright

The best #Sopa protests online – in pictures - nice gallery (v @coadec)

SketchChair Kickstarter Campaign - #opensource tool for designing digitally fabricated furniture #opendesign

#Zuckerberg comes out against #SOPA on #Facebook, gets 75k likes in 10 minutes - not exactly brave, but welcome

Jim Zemlin's latest post: From CES: Will #HTML5 Threaten the Closed World of the App Store? - let's hope so

Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works - if copyright theft exists, this is it #pd

#PIPA Supporters Violate #Copyright Laws, Too - you just knew that was going to happen, didn't you?

Human rights community speaks out on PROTECT IP Act - no surprise there... (v @webmink)

Blackout -- Save the Internet Today - big #avaaaz epetition; already up to 1.3 million #sopa

US Chamber Of Commerce Appears To Argue That #SOPA & PIPA Apply To NO Websites At All - follows from their logic

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