Tuesday, 3 January 2012


#Samsung chairman: New products, investments will drive growth in “difficult” 2012 - http://tnw.co/tvRBTQ wants to be "more open": hmmm

Boycott research on firefighters that is not #OpenAccess - http://bit.ly/rAKLPz a trend for 2012? #oa (v @CameronNeylon)

#Asus faces customer backlash over Transformer Prime’s locked #bootloader - http://tnw.co/tKtzks we need to nip this in the bud

#28C3 - behind enemy lines - http://bit.ly/rYD1FB links to full documentation of this v impressive conference (v @dozykraut)

Which counterfactual public domain day? - http://bit.ly/sZFkvj so many to choose from, so many to regret #pd #copyright

Geleakte Abhörprotokolle und Korruptionsverdacht - http://bit.ly/shBy54 juicy revelations #slovakia (v @Asher_Wolf @deanprocter)

MusOpen.org is Commissioning the Prague Symphony Orchestra this January - http://bit.ly/sf0liQ great: more free culture

#Wikipedia explains how it is aiming to reach 1 million articles in #Portuguese - http://tnw.co/ta3fyb ambitious, but necessary #brazil

Microsoft set to quietly quash homebrew on Windows Phone - http://tnw.co/v7VveM MS affirms its #windowsphone death-wish...

Building a Timeline of Open Source in the US Government - http://bit.ly/vP6Js3 contributions welcome #opensource #ogov

Journals with good creative commons models - http://bit.ly/rWeQQW interesting, detailed analysis #cc #publishing

Website Blocking Law Implemented By New Spanish Government - http://bit.ly/s0RiyQ same tired old rhetoric by dinosaurs #leysinde #es

UK music album download sales grew by 26.6% in 2011, but the industry’s still in decline - http://tnw.co/vLlKxx it's called a recession...

Year-long exposure of Toronto skyline produces 'dreamy' image - http://bit.ly/uCHAlU rather nice (v @paul_clarke @terakopian)

Scoop : l'#Hadopi est morte le 24 décembre! - http://bit.ly/v8ZayF only in a legal sense; it lives on as a zombie (v @StopActaNow @Numerama)

#Android has its own #Manga comic: “Sweet Android High-school” - http://tnw.co/tyoTy7 not sure whether this is good or bad...

Digital #music sales soar in 2011. BPI sees glass as half empty - http://bit.ly/vHr0L4 good analysis #uk

Set Culture Free - http://bit.ly/ubWGHU another critique of Robert Levine (as if more were needed) from Mises Insitute (v @Beautyon_)

A Foggy #London - http://bit.ly/sFOpnh but not as we know it; incredible (v @londonist)#pix

Alan #Turing Year Events - http://bit.ly/ryu4FA forget the #london olympics, this is the important stuff (v @rupertg)

Wikimedia Foundation Raises $20 Million From 1 Million+ Donors - http://tcrn.ch/vdgesA good news #wikipedia

Saving Amazonia: Winning the war on deforestation - http://bbc.in/sF4b1j an upbeat story; let's hope the new forestry laws don't reverse it

#Microsoft to enable #Linux on its Windows Azure cloud in 2012 - http://zd.net/rNjjS5 you want symbolism? we got symbolism (v @sjvn)

The Linuxification of software development - http://bit.ly/vQhzWy great post about hugely important new trend #android #linux

The #lobbyists, the Russians, Google and “wife beater” - http://bit.ly/w3osRW brilliant: we need more tech-savvy MPs (v +Phil Driscoll)

#Copyright worth $236.65 million - http://bit.ly/shdvl0 yeah, right... (v @Copycense @PTOLawyer)#russia

Comments on Trans Pacific Partnership to U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means - http://bit.ly/sAfYPv more thoughts on #TPP

Das digitale Urheberrecht steht am Abgrund - http://bit.ly/vPmfDc not perfect, but surprisingly clueful #copyright #de

Turn Any #WordPress Site Into A #BitTorrent Tracker - http://bit.ly/t2hTIo the wonders of #opensource

A science-centric #SOPA #boycott - http://bit.ly/sBht7k #elsevier - the bit of Reed-Elsevier I didn't work for; sounds good to me

Mayor of #Munich: "#EU laptops should have #LibreOffice or OpenOffice" - http://bit.ly/uHNBp6 missed this: bravo

It is now illegal to access any foreign website in the Republic of #Belarus - http://tnw.co/vvquI0 frozen banana republic learns from #SOPA

Pirate Party UK Policy 2012 - Next Steps - http://bit.ly/tgnWfX interesting broadening of policy going on here

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