Monday, 30 January 2012


#Megaupload: A Lot Less Guilty Than You Think - fascinating analysis

Thinking about learning and invention and the Maker Generation - of maths, abundance, scarcity & the social enterprise

#Copyright In The Media - if #ACTA is implemented, the #Guardian et al. could probably be sued to oblivion...

What have the Publishers ever done for us? And do we need them? - good rebuttal (but wrong on #MS, I'm afraid...) #oa

Barnes & Noble and MS Agree: Ballmer Will Not Have to Testify Live, Some Antitrust Homework - important monopoly stuff

Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block The Pirate Bay - quite right: no court order, no #censorship

MSM: Only Anonymous hates #ACTA! If you want to change public opinion, revenge attacks are generally unhelpful - yup

The Research Works Act: a damaging threat to science - kudos to #thelancet for this stand (v @petersuber)#rwa

Philanthropy is the enemy of justice - interesting how polarised the comments are #billgates

#WSJ Finds 16 Scientists to Push Pollutocrat Agenda With Long-Debunked Climate Lies - sad stuff,@rupertmurdoch

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