Sunday, 1 January 2012


Even In The Age Of #Abundance It's Quality, Not Quantity, That Counts - or maybe especially #publishing

Brazil and Ghana Want OSS Added in World Summit on the Information Society, US and Australia Oppose - #au hates #OSS?

Extremadura administration 'not going to leave free software' - well, that's a relief #opensource #spain

Almodóvar y Amenábar, a favor de la 'Ley Sinde' - sad, I thought #Almodóvar was more intelligent than this (v @jmcest)

Duke of Cambridge Puts on the Feed Bag in Whitehall – yet another delightful brit tradition (v @vickeegan)#london

Police trial lie detector tests on suspected sex offenders - a slippery slope & an awful precedent

The Ten Most Anticipated #Bitcoin Projects for 2012 - some interesting ideas

Whip Up Some #DNA With a Home PCR Machine - "You do have a sequencing machine, right?" #opengenomics

Satellite Photos Illustrate Dramatic Expansion of Canadian Tar Sands - this is just insane #canada #tarsands

Open resource metagenomics: a model for sharing metagenomic libraries - "for archiving published libraries"

A Geek’s Guide to China’s Silicon Valley - handy intro #china #startups

2011: #Piracy Wars and Internet #Censorship Part I - good summary of a dismal year from the excellent TorrentFreak

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