Saturday, 28 January 2012


Sorting Out the Sharing License Shambles - getting there slowly #licensing #gpl #mozilla #cc

London Olympics 2012 construction workers recreate French masterpiece - this is wonderful - don't miss #seurat

François Bayrou s'inspire du Parti Pirate pour rejeter la licence globale - good for him (v @IsaVodj)#copyright

Who Owns Broccoli? free #ebook; good history of #patents. poor account of #copyright - ignores digital aspect

CDU/CSU: Nein zu SOPA, aber ja zu #ACTA? - good question

Rep. Mix. Make: Defending the right to remix - US epetition that anyone can sign #copyright

Biodiesels pollute more than crude oil, leaked data show - "a death knell for the #biodiesel industry" let's hope

#Australia’s Last Chance to Defeat ACTA - well-written post (v @Asher_Wolf)

To open or not to open? Let's free it - Nichi Vendola fails to deliver #it

What Apple Should Do With Its $100 Billion In Cash: Buy Hollywood - & google buys music cos –

Twitter Decides To Censor Locally, Rather Than Block Globally, In Response To Government Demands - sign of the times

#ACTA ‘Is More Dangerous Than #SOPA’ - so says U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa

The arrogance of the echochamber - a huge problem that few acknowledge #politics #lobbying #acta

MT @asteris EP can be swayed by citizens, don't forget we got them to kill #swpats & save net neutrality in the telecoms package #ACTA

Graphene: The perfect water filter - if true, could revolutionise desalination et al. (v @opensourcerer @jonathonf)

EU draft guide #standards and #procurement aims to reduce vendor lock-in - I'll be writing about this next week

Native Americans traced to Siberian mountains - which accords with linguistic evidence #genetics

Pentagon Drafts Kids To Build Drones and Robots - "DoD wants unlimited rights to everything the students build"; nice

The #ACTA Fight Returns: What Is at Stake and What You Can Do - calm & sensible summary from @mgeist

Is Twitter Helping Users Get Around Its New Censorship Rules? - intriguing thought

Warum #Acta in den Papierkorb gehört - "Denn es ist falsch, schädlich und undemokratisch." richtig

Wolfgang Amadeus #Mozart: Complete Chronological Catalogue on #Spotify, Version 2.0 - 190 hours of sublimity

Portuguese rights society presents lists of supporters for a digital media tax; composer says he never gave consent –

#Newzbin Dumps .COM, Promises VPN & Cyberlocker Services - very wise

European Parliament rapporteur quits in #Acta protest - amazed - but pleased - the #BBC picked this up

El ponente de #ACTA del Parlamento Europeo dimite - #elpais on arif scandal (v @jmcest @dahammerstein)

As USTR Insists #ACTA Doesn't Need Congressional Approval, Wyden Asks State Dept. For A Second Opinion - squirming away

#Samsung's Earnings Illustrate the Economic Power of #Android - making money from free

#Copyright case spells trouble for sw developers - good point - and v worrying #uk (v @howardknopf)

120 people convicted for not filling in census form - pathetic and vindictive bullying by UK government

Barrister who Tweeted insults struck off - odd: he not only defended Newzbin, he owned it (v @clarinette02 @IpinAfrica)

OpenCF Summit - gathering about open source #CFML engines. people still use Cold Fusion? who knew...?

We Have Every Right to Be Furious About #ACTA - don't get angry, get even (v @mgeist)

MPAA Exec Admits: 'We're Not Comfortable With The Internet' - to put it mildly #sopa

Why #Twitter’s new policy is helpful for free-speech advocates - thoughtful & thought-provoking #censorship

Kindle Fire edges Galaxy Tab as most used Android tablet - wow, dramatic

Pirate Party of Catalonia wants to sue FBI, in Spain, over #Megaupload seizure - been affected? get in touch with #eff

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