Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The Art of Binary, or Music To Code To - Domenico #Scarlatti's 555 Keyboard Sonatas - http://bit.ly/xFmumq fab stuff #spotify

Google calls Murdoch's piracy allegations 'nonsense' - http://cnet.co/wEFqFp nay, poppycock

INFOBAR C01: Japan’s Newest (And Most Colorful) Android Phone - http://tcrn.ch/AjS8oI the power of #android customisability

2 Missed Calls & Farmers Can Operate their Irrigation System Remotely [Realtech System’s Mobile Starter Controller] – http://bit.ly/wXGF4z

Pupils need free home access to ICT tools - http://bit.ly/xM3WZq spot on: #opensource is the only solution (v @mberry)#education

Academic publishers have become the enemies of science - http://bit.ly/zxfxtN good to see this rightly angry piece in the #guardian #os (v +Peter Suber)

US #Copyright Lobby Wants #Canada Out of #TPP Until New Laws Passed - http://bit.ly/wDQmmD bizarre #neocolonialism

SOPA & PIPA are bad industrial policy - http://oreil.ly/yq69LA "The solution to piracy must be a market solution, not government intervention"

Two Fatal Flaws in the O'Dwyer Judgment - http://bit.ly/z1joR4 why the extradition must not happen #odwyer

#SOPA Derailed - zd.net/xbz4zm great; but we need it - and #PIPA - dead, not resting...

Ex-#Firefox exec Shaver has plans for #Facebook's #Android app - http://cnet.co/yUc147 a-ha

Deutsche Bibliotheken stellen über 23 Millionen Metadatensätze in XML unter CCzero - http://bit.ly/wlexcl ausgezeichnet #cc

We Are Stardust - http://bit.ly/yMdE4y something that's easy to overlook amidst the quotidian hurly-burly

BASF to concentrate plant biotechnology activities on main markets in N & S America - http://bit.ly/xQnjrL translation: it's giving up in EU

Bulgarian protestors demand ban on shale gas - http://bit.ly/yiJSVS it's spreading #fracking

#Identi.ca offers to help beleaguered #Google - http://bit.ly/ywPHid sounds like a plan to me #cc #search

Brevets logiciels : la grande imposture de la propriété intellectuelle - http://bit.ly/y143ov good, if long, piece on #swpats (v @zoobab)

The Pirate Bay Launches Promo Platform For Artists - http://bit.ly/z2fuhh smart move

Tech Industry Buys Itself a Mouthpiece - http://gawker.com/5876539 #gawker's nicely cynical take on #pandodaily (v @dangillmor @davewiner)

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