Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Free Expression: Five Questions with Jack Balkin - http://bit.ly/w5F35M great points about #SOPA #law

Nokia Moves To Quash Barnes and Noble's Letter of Request the ITC Sent to Finland Re Discovery - http://bit.ly/wS4cC4 something to hide?

Monbéqui. Maïs OGM : un commando d'apiculteurs envahit #Monsanto - http://bit.ly/ABXY6R what larks #gm #bees

Imagine There Is No #Copyright and No Cultural Conglomorates Too… - http://bit.ly/xERDbn important look at what would happen; free #ebook

Oily Politics - http://bit.ly/xRZErS some background on #tarsands from Canadian Tim Bray

US Citizens Should Try The #Copyright Monopoly As Unconstitutional - http://bit.ly/xCBYnl a meme worth spreading

1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die: A #Spotify Playlist after Tom Moon's Book - http://bit.ly/x3MMop wonderfully eclectic

Free Wifi Network In #London Will Be “Europe’s Largest” - http://bit.ly/xUdWIM that's nice, but what about security issues?

World building 301: some projections - http://bit.ly/AdBRAZ Charlie Stross: exciting predictions for 2032; pretty frightening for 2092

SE #Android Released by #NSA - http://bit.ly/AhuM1j "to limit the damage by flawed or malicious apps" (v @AaronToponce @jasonbrooks)

What is Role of the 'Open Source' Movement in Society Today? - #ogov: "Collaboration, Open Solutions, & Innovation (COSI)" (v @framasoft)

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