Wednesday, 18 January 2012


#Craigslist comes out against #SOPA - no surprise, but good to see

Federal #Copyright Protection for Pre-1972 Sound Recordings - those maximalists at it again (v @SinkDeep)

#Wikipedia’s community calls for anti-#SOPA blackout January 18 - it's official

#Google IP Vandalizing OpenStreetMap - something v strange going on here #osm

Apple to announce tools, platform to "digitally destroy" textbook #publishing - publishers will love that Raises $18 Million to Bring High-End #Fashion to the Web - great name: 2.0?

Win 8's locked bootloaders: much ado about nothing, or end of world as we know it? - misses point about market power

Why Is NBCUniversal Threatening To Report Commenters They Disagree With To Their Employers? - big media behaving badly

OpenStreetMap and Indoor Maps - who says open projects aren't innovative? #opengeodata #osm

#Qt on #RIM Devices - intriguing, to say the least (v @ggreve)

The Startup Challenging the Centralized Internet - well, a bit of it #opensource

Britain cannot deport Abu Qatada to Jordan, European judges rule - let's hope they say same for #ODwyer #extradition

Research Works Act: Cambridge University Press expands on its position - tries to have its cake & eat it, actually #rwa

Roaming quakes: is New York or London due a big one? - eeek

#SOPA/PIPA blackout: here's what #Google should do on blackout day, Jan 18 - looks good to me

Latest CNNIC #China Internet Stats - big, interesting numbers

help, please: on the subject of locked bootloaders, it has been suggested that Chromebooks are locked: anyone know? have references to dox?

OK: a summary on #chromebooks: both samsung and acer have hardware switches for overriding lock on #bootloaders - not locked to OS

Argentina Building Huge #Biometric Database For Use With Police's Face Recognition Technology - not good #surveillance

The Pirate Bay: PIPA/SOPA Won’t Stop Us! - certainly nothing has so far

@stephenfry is against #SOPA - that's really great; but pity he didn't actually name it, though

Apple targets Samsung smartphones, tablets with new German lawsuits - #apple is such a tiresome bully: try competing

Why Canadians Should Participate in the #SOPA/PIPA Protest - good summary; applies elsewhere too

Communicating the risks of high-impact low-probability events - like intraplate earthquakes

#NASA censors amateur sci-fi film
 - decides to make itself look stupid instead; back-down guaranteed

Science Data Sharing Site figshare Relaunches, Adds Features - "to share even negative results from their works"

Google will protest #SOPA using popular home page - let's hope it's hard hitting

Dual criminality requirement of the Extradition Act 2003: clarity on why Richard O'Dwyer should not be extradited –

"Copyright for Librarians" (CFL): online open curriculum on #copyright law - now in Arabic, Chinese, French & Russian

India forms panel to unravel mystery of #Monsanto gene in ‘indigenous’ Bt cotton - could be fun (v @Beautyon_ @GMWatch)

12 Hours Dark: Internet Archive vs. Censorship - joining in (v @beabusaniche)#sopa

#Ubisoft Has Windows-Style Hardware-Based #DRM For Games - #stupid

Student-organised talk on Sharia law at the University of London cancelled following threats of violence - says it all

NYC's Authorized Drone Strike Zone - you have been warned, so don't complain if you're taken out as you walk here

Internet Regulation & the Economics of #Piracy - must-read, rigorous analysis of what's really happening

The President's challenge - #sopa et al. brilliantly encapsulated in a joke (v @swardley @kevinmarks)

Damn Yanks Harass Another Of My Colleagues - "If that doesn’t ring alarm bells all over reporters’ heads, what will?"

Lamar Smith & MPAA Brush Off Wikipedia Blackout As Just A Publicity Stunt - yeah, right #sopa

O'Reilly will go dark on January 18 - another high-profile name joins the fun (v @digiphile)#sopa

Tomorrow #Facebook Will Fill Your Timeline + Ticker With Shopping, Travel, & More Apps - meanwhile, adults fight #SOPA

Why #SOPA Is Dangerous - excellent parsing by a programmer of the legal code involved

This is Jerry #Yang’s resignation letter to the #Yahoo! board - surprised this didn't happen years ago

RIAA Labels Demand Cash from Alleged BitTorrent Pirates - bullying, pure and simple

KEI files amicus brief in BRCA #genepatent case - rumbling on #scotus

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