Thursday, 26 January 2012


Subscribe To A Newsapaper, Get An E-reader Free - the new old model #razorblades #publishing

Engström fires amendment broadside at commission proposal - ha! v good (v @danielrhamilton @Falkvinge)#piracy

U.S. Attorney chasing #MegaUpload is former piracy fighter - totally unbiased, i'm sure... #privatepolice

Dreams of a Unified Text - "to explore, seamlessly, online, every text ever written": could do it, if #copyright let us

Observations from two weeks of SSH brute force attacks - some surprising stuff #security

Anti-Piracy Warnings Have No Effect on iTunes Sales - more evidence the politicians ignore #hadopi #sopa #acta

No Safe Harbor - interesting collection of essays from #pirateparty free downloads

UK mobile operator O2 sends your phone number to every website you visit - bad #O2 #privacy

#SOPA-proponent Dodd under attack by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales - says dodd should go

"We're just like YouTube," Megaupload lawyer tells Ars - well, one or two differences, but similar, yes

#SOPA is the Symptom, #Copyright is the Disease: The SOPA wakeup call to ABOLISH COPYRIGHT - just logical

Just Say ‘No’ to #ACTA - EU parliament probably our last hope #epetition

Что такое Открытое Государство? - in case you were wondering #ogov

Francis Jayakanth of #India’s National Centre for Science Information - fascinating portrait of #openaccess pioneer

Judges probe minister's role in #McKinnon extradition saga - ridiculous this is still dragging on

Babelverse To Offer Live Voice Translations For State Of The Union In Up To 7K Languages - doubt they info on 7K

Bill Gates' Next Target: Revolutionize Farming - translated: proprietise farming through #genepatents #monsanto

India’s gov refutes claims it wants to adopt Chinese-style Web censorship - no, it doesn't "refute" it, it denies it

Hadopi, source de la croissance d'iTunes ? - mais non: great debunking by #LeMonde of #hadopi research's failings

switch2osm: Make the switch to #OpenStreetMap - cool: explains how to make the switch from other mapping services

#WIPO Study on the Impact and Importance of the Creative Industries in the Americas - gosh, what could it say? #piracy

Le combat inégal contre le téléchargement illégal - good to see in #lemonde (v @LeGuillaume @gchampeau)#copyright

#Torture Cover-Up - more shameful stuff from gutless, morally-bankrupt UK politicians

important: ACTA: Note from Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament - how we can stop ACTA + key dates

Computing in Schools: The Great Ctrl-Alt-Del - why the #royalsociety report is a failure #opensource

Jailbreaking May Soon Become Illegal Again, Act Now To Help Keep It Legal - again?

Citizen Scientists Study Whale Songs: Years of Work Done in Months - great result (v @BoraZ)#citizenscience

Polish Minister Telling Lies to Get #ACTA Signed - says pirate party MEP

#ACTA das schleichende Gift - "ein Schlag ins Gesicht der Demokratie" let's hope others follow suit

Disgruntled GMO firms start pulling out of EU market - this time it's #monsanto in #france

EMI VP Comes Out Against #SOPA/PIPA; Says The Answer To Piracy Is Providing A Better Service - he won't last long, then

Comment Neelie Kroes - interesting site that lets you comment on Kroes' speeches

Sherlock Holmes may not be so elementary - would modern US Sherlock "infringe" on modern UK Sherlock? doubt it

L'après-Hadopi de François Hollande : dépénalisation et taxation? - more details #france

7 Lessons from SOPA/PIPA/Megauplaod and 4 Proposals on Where We Go From Here - wow: must-read piece from Yochai Benkler

European Commission ‘in denial’ over Patriot Act loophole - important piece about another EC failure #surveillance

The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Julian Assange, Kremlin Pawn - hardly: just that US has illegally cut off other channels

Panton Fellowships – apply now! - great news #opendata #openscience

Paulo Coelho On SOPA: 'Pirates Of The World, Unite And Pirate Everything I’ve Ever Written!' - piracy a problem? hardly

#Motorola piles on the patent suits, now targets iPhone 4S and iCloud - so it goes on #apple

Climate Code Foundation: Activity and Status - busy (disclosure: I'm on advisory committee) #openscience

Similar, but not copied, image found to breach #copyright - utterly bonkers

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