Sunday, 26 February 2012


One More #Copyright Infringement, And #HADOPI Must Disconnect Itself From The Net - or would, if there were justice

Why #Ebook Portal Differed From Other Filesharing Sites - shows why knowledge needs sharing

Christopher Tappin flown to US after losing #extradition battle - sickening in every way

UK #Labour Party: Let's Just Get On With Kicking People Offline Over #Copyright Infringement - still no evidence why

Berliner Piratenpartei-Chef tritt zurück - ah, the wacky world of politics #de #pirateparty

Head of state 'funded al-Qaeda and knew of 7/7 terror attacks' - wow, can't wait for details (v @Asher_Wolf @robcrilly)

We, the Web Kids - a beautiful manifesto for the anti-#ACTA generation

Help repeal/amend the EU Data Retention Directive: take this official survey - (v @glynwintle @christinazaba)

Make tax-funded scientific research public - good to see this going mainstream (v @petersuber)#oa #frpaa

Tausende demonstrieren erneut gegen #ACTA Update - good roundup of what's happening across #eu (v @StopActaNow)

My, dzieci sieci - (#pl); Nosotros, los niños web - (#es)

Wir, die Netz-Kinder - (#de); Nous les enfants du Web - (fr); any others?

We, the web kids - manifesto by @piotrczerski- first, but not the last, reworking... #youtube

help required: we need this great manifesto - - translated into other languages; currently have #pl, #es, #de, #fr +?

tilt-shift video of Rio de Janeiro - this is just so wonderful (v #brazil

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