Tuesday, 21 February 2012


#Canada threatens EU over #tarsands - http://bit.ly/wnVGp5 may not export any more moosen #energy

The arduino documentary - http://bit.ly/wcc0qO "story of #arduino from a concept to bringing a new genre to open source hardware revisited"

Shining Light On #ACTA's Lack Of #Transparency - http://bit.ly/zMMhqa in case you missed this at the weekend: need to get the word out

CrypTweet: Strong #Encryption for Twitter DMs - http://bit.ly/AD1p9g cool & important (but a bit complicated for ordinary users)#

#ORG London February Pub Meetup - #ACTA - http://bit.ly/y0Y0RG tonight

Carla Bruni : "Internet ou les jeux vidéo sont bien plus diaboliques que la TV" - http://bit.ly/AwB5Pg just like her hub #sarkozy

#DataJournalism Awards – Call for Entries! - http://bit.ly/wA7TES "open to media cos, non-profit organisations, freelancers & individuals"

The DIY 'Maker Movement' Meets the VCs - http://buswk.co/AsUSuV and some VCs don't get it, poor dears (v @mbauwens)#openhardware

LG Optimus LTE Tag Customizes Itself Using #NFC Stickers - http://on.mash.to/xZ7RQ7 this is clever; will be common, I suspect

#ACTA before the European Parliament - http://bit.ly/xG7ybx what will and could happen next

Heads should roll. But, of course, they won't. - http://bit.ly/y28dKV shocking privacy abuses in #ireland

Football rights value soars in wake of TV Now lawsuit - http://bit.ly/xioJJK oh, look, the sky is rising again...

#Android app to control #arduino - http://bit.ly/zNfUdL great combination

Eternal #Copyright: a modest proposal - http://tgr.ph/AEwO3W why didn't I see this before? the solution to all our problems (v @Asher_Wolf)

Oppose the UK's Communications Capabilities Development Plan - http://bit.ly/xR6pId epetition against total #surveillance

#LibreOffice Foundation Symbolises Maturity - http://bit.ly/zEu2nG useful update on all fronts

97 Las Vegas Karaoke Locations Sued By 'Righthaven Of #Trademarks' Demanding $500 Million - http://bit.ly/x6xYYv more madness

The Final Score on #Spectrum Legislation: Bad Stuff Averted, Good Stuff Made Possible. I Call That A Win. - http://bit.ly/zPmO85 OK, then

ha! don't miss the wonderful avatar here: http://bit.ly/y6sR9q I do hope this spreads... #sarkozy #censorship

How Evrythng could give any physical object a life online - http://tnw.co/y83s28 the #internetofthings slouches a little closer

Pirate Bay ISP Block Challenged For Censoring Lawful Content - http://bit.ly/xQR0hs more collateral damage #finland

First #RaspberryPi SD Card Image Released [#Debian Squeeze, LXDE] - http://bit.ly/zpCgys looking good

BKA speicherte per Trojaner Telefonsex-Mitschnitte - http://bit.ly/zBj5z5 whoops, this will cause problems #de

Tiny device cuts cost of #DNA sequencing - http://bit.ly/zt5ix0 the police will love this #genomics #forensics

The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK, after a judge rules it infringes copyright - http://tnw.co/Agn2KH bootless whackamole continues

@ccess is launched! - http://bit.ly/yIviFL here: http://access.okfn.org/ "to make scholarly information REALLY LIBRE available"

“Green Week”: Ask MEPs to Reject #ACTA Back in Their Home Districts! - http://bit.ly/Axe9w5 key week: lots of practical suggestions

Barnes & Noble To Take On Amazon (Again) With A New 8GB Nook Tablet - http://tcrn.ch/AjueF3 competition is good #ebooks

Harman: Coalition is ‘dragging its feet’ on #deact - http://bit.ly/y2ujLV labour's policy as evidence-free as ever (v @Coadec)

From open source to sourcing openly - http://bit.ly/wsYDd7 what lies beyond free software? #business #manufacturing #openinnovation

USTR Claims #TPP Has 'Unprecedented' #Transparency, But Won't Reveal Details Unless You're A Big Industry Lobbyist – http://bit.ly/wq6aRE

Twitter Suspends Four Accounts Critical of #Sarkozy: Is This What He Meant By 'Civilizing' The Net? - http://bit.ly/yvgb7r not good #fr

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