Saturday, 18 February 2012


How Do We Know Piracy Isn't Really A Big Issue? Because Media Companies Haven't Needed To Change As A Result Of It -

Protectionism Only Serves to Stifle Innovation - spreading the word on #ACTA

A Decade of #OpenAccess (And the Challenges Ahead) - useful summary #oa #rwa #frpaa

Portuguese Artists Association Struggles To Get 100 Members On List In Favor Of Exorbitant Private Copying Levies - #pt

Would Steve #Jobs Have Approved? Artist Offers His #Apple Monologue, Performance Rights, For Free - well?

El #ACTA, rebelión europea - oh yes

#RaspberryPi to run BBC Micro 2 - this could be v good news #linux

Open Road Responds To HarperCollins E-Book Lawsuit - tricky transition #ebooks

McCain: Cybersecurity Bill Ineffective Without NSA Monitoring the Net - fancy that

Single Movie Download Could See Swedes Prosecuted - what is going on in #sweden

Is #Megaupload "a lot less guilty than you think?" - raises interesting points

Printing Drones by the Sheet (or how we get to tens of billions of drones by 2020) - eeek

Teach about #GMO in schools, say educators - just like children are "educated" about #copyright, eh? #brainwashing

Dutch entrepreneurs are not waiting on #ACTA - not even businesses want it #nl

#ACTA: even conservative EPP Group seems cautious - (v @StopActaNow @PES_PSE)

Berliner Open-Data-Strategie veröffentlicht - good ndws (v @beabusaniche @netzpolitik)#de #opendata

MT @StopActaNow @STA_English:#slovenia will freeze the ratification of #ACTA as soon as possible>>another one joins the revolt

RT @brokep Moving to #Sweden is admitting being a criminal says #RIAA.>>huh?

RT @brokep Moving to #Sweden is admitting being a criminal says #RIAA - (RT with link)

#DMCA Takedown Service Tells #Copyright Companies: 'Adapt Your Business To The New Digital World' - amazing world

#ACTA coming up in the European Parliament (INTA) - big meeting coming up on 29 February - maybe time to write to MEPs

big: Poland's PM Tusk rejects #ACTA, urges EPP do same (polish, but with translations) (v @marta_tweet @StopActaNow)

ZDF & ARD für #ACTA und Privatisierung der Rechtsdurchsetzung - outrageous: how can public TV do this? (v @netzpolitik)

#ACTA & its Impact on Access to Medicines - #MSF on why people will die if this goes through

What a Difference a Week Makes: The Fight Against Online Surveillance - and the Internet... #ACTA SOPA #ca

EuroParliament to exclude Free Software with patents and #FRAND - this looks bad #freesw

Watch the Video! Help Stop #ACTA - why not donate a few bob to this worthy lot? I did...

iPhone app lets visually impaired type and text - neat solution

#Blender 2.62 Arrives, and Some Free Tools for Getting Going With It - better & better #opensource

The #Economist is 1.5 Million Strong - "75% of digital readers are new to us"; impressive (v @NiemanLab @mathewi)

Australian Government Holds Secret Anti-Piracy Meetings; The Public Is Not Invited - bit like #ACTA, really... #au

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