Saturday, 11 February 2012


U Washington's best-of-breed 3D printing lab shuts down knowledge sharing after admin introduces patent-grab - twits

"Just got to 5000 signatures at and not long ago the number of mathematicians passed 1000" - yay

Nevada police beat the hell out of man immobilized with diabetic shock, screaming "Do not resist, motherfucker!" -

10 European Commission myths about #ACTA - best quick rebuttal of EU untruths - please read & RT We really are going to start buying #opensource from SMEs - heard that before (v @opensourcerer)

#Twitter releases its Cassandra client to the #opensource developer community - nice

What's Actually in the #TPP? - who knows? it's a secret; but here are some likely nasties in there #ACTA

OpenWatch - "participatory citizen media project; uses mobile technology 4 public monitoring of authority figures."

Amazingly, Spider-Man Pirates Himself - wonderful story

Food Herbicide Residues Set to Rise As Much As 150 Times - #monsanto thinks we need more birth defects in EU

Campaigners: we need right to parody - ridiculous we even have to ask #copyright

Announcing the School of Data - sounds cool

EU Socialists say 'Stop #ACTA' - promising noises

Met thumbed through Oyster card data up to 22,000 times in 4 years - surprise! why I don't use them #surveillance

#Malware devs embrace #opensource - it's just so obviously better as a methodology

ACTA up - surprisingly sympathetic piece on the Great European #ACTA revolt from #Economist

#Iran Shuts Down Major Websites and Https Protocol - looking bad (v @monomanbr)

Lithuanian Minister of Justice Condemns #ACTA & Calls for Re-evaluation of IP - wow; that just leaves idiots like UK

Do The Differences Between Software Piracy And Media Piracy Matter? - making the right distinctions #ACTA

EU privacy rulings: 'huge consequences' for UK press - great news (v @jeffjarvis)#freespeech #privacy

V for Vendetta and the rise ofAnonymous - great piece by Alan Moore on the background (v @Asher_Wolf)#ACTA #guyfawkes

Parable of the farmers & the Teleporting Duplicator - flawed logic: reputation is built by sharing - eg OSS (v @ccbuhr)

Estonian IT Journalist: #ACTA a Wolf in Puppy's Clothing - nicely done (v @SLWorona)#estonia

Public concern on #ACTA is understandable, says S&D Euro MP Bernd Lange - wow: read this savvy comment (v @StopActaNow)

Aussetzung der #ACTA-Unterschrift: Kleiner Schritt in richtige Richtung - "intransparent, undemokratisch und schädlich"

Public concern on #ACTA is understandable, says S&D Euro MP Bernd Lange - wow: savvy comment (v @StopActaNow)direct URL

Latest pact on internet piracy set to be derailed - wow, even #FT thinks #ACTA is dying (v@@RalfGrahn)

World Press Photo competition 2012 winners - in pictures - do not miss: some truly great art #photography

W3C co-chair: Apple, Google power causing Open Web crisis - IE6 all overagain - but not MS's fault

Open source announcements and new FLOSSBOK initiative - "to outline the topics important for anyone studying FLOSS"

#ACTA is Useless… and a Threat, Says Ex-EU Lead Negotiator - great must-read interview (v @StopActaNow)

Elsevier, FooBar and #Content-mining – yet another Digital Land Grab - why #openaccess is indispensable

First Neanderthal cave paintings discovered in Spain - sounds exciting #art #prehistory

BitTorrent Piracy Doesn’t Effect US Box Office Returns, Study Finds - "piracy linked to delay of foreign premieres"

USians: Contact the Congressional committees studying FRPAA - help people access knowledge they've paid for #oa

Always A Gatekeeper: #RIAA Backs .music Proposal... If It's Only Limited To 'Accredited' Musicians - they don't get it

#SOPA Strikedown Aftermath: Old Media Cannot Tell The Narrative Of One Million People - excellent analysis #ACTA

Schrödinger's Download: Whether Or Not An iTunes Music Sale Is A 'Sale' Depends On Who's Suing - the gall

How Much Of The Collapse Of Recorded Music Sales Revenue Was Due To The End Of Illegal Price Fixing? - important point

'The #Economist' And 'Financial Times' Already Writing Off #ACTA As Dead - pretty amazing, this #ft

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