Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130701 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Rafael Correa not considering #Snowden asylum: 'we helped him by mistake' - the twists & turns just keep coming

Obama tries to ease NSA tensions and insists: Europe spies on US too - playground logic: "he did it too...."

Βασανισμοί μεταναστών με ρεύμα σε γεννητικά όργανα - if true, appalling (v @Melina_Spathari @asteris)#greece

Farming subsidies: this is the most blatant transfer of cash to the rich - we need full transparency on these grants

Did Ed #Snowden Actually Write His Latest 'Statement'? - stranger than fiction

Mike Taylor’s brilliant analysis of #openaccess - agreed; now we need action

Edward #Snowden's Moscow stopover became end of the line … for now - interesting background info

Latin American Countries Band Together To Fight Growing Problem Of Investor-State Disputes - #TAFTA/#TTIP take note

MEPs call for freezing EU-US trade talks over spying allegations - #nsa #prism

Côte d'Ivoire cracks down on illegal wood bound for EU - shame on EU - sort it

EU #OpenStandards: We Want Actions, Not Words - all mouth and no trousers? #opensource

US-Datenskandal: #Snowden beantragt Asyl auch in Deutschland - the more the merrier

Wikileaks Files for Snowden Asylum in India, Other Countries - well, of course

Edward #Snowden submits #asylum applications - here's the list if you're interested

Australian-Indonesian carbon project abandoned - disappointing (v @adamlmorton @mbachelard)

#Poland to demand explanation over allegations of U.S. spying - (v @Asher_Wolf)#NSA #PRISM

UK proposed exceptions to #copyright law offer greater flexibility to teaching & research activities - useful summary

Will the Trans-Atlantic Spying Scandal Kill #TAFTA/#TTIP Scandal? - excellent summary of the outrage

#Turkey and #Japan Tighten Screws on Washington over #NSA Spying - joining the queue (v @schestowitz)#TPP

51 Signatories to the Marrakesh Treaty - including UK (hooray), but not many other Western nations (boo) #blind

 Europe must get tough with the US over #NSA spying revelations - good piece by @SophieintVeld (v @schestowitz)

Reding: 'I am still awaiting a written response' over US, UK spying allegations - & if they don't reply, then what?

UK Open Government Licence is now compliant with the Open Definition - yay

Wikipedians: Meet VisualEditor and help with the rollout - be interesting to see what effect this has

James Clapper Admits He Lied To Congress; His Punishment Will Likely Be A High Paying Private Sector Job - harsh

Open company data on the rise: featuring G8, World Bank, EITI… - good review of crucial area

W3C Chief: To Prevent Parts Of The Web From Being Walled Off, We Need To Wall It Off Ourselves - </facepalm> #DRM

Government's Chilling Arguments To Support "Aiding the Enemy" Charge Against Bradley Manning - eek (v @Thomas_Drake1)

So the entire internet is tapped, let's do some good to keep the spies too busy to do evil - er, #slipperypath much?

A Glimpse Inside the Wire - bleakly fascinating (v @LyraMcKee @Asher_Wolf)#guantanamobay

Edward #Snowden given possible lifeline as #Bolivia hints it would grant asylum - makes sense

Washington Post: Stop Us Before We Do Any More Real Journalism Like That Cute Little Guardian Paper - fab headline

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