Sunday, 28 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130727 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#BMA urges Obama to stop doctors force-feeding #Guantánamo prisoners - great to see #torture

On Rooftops, a Rival for Utilities - "existential threat"; amazing selfishness of cos. (v @billmckibben @DrRimmer)

The Question of Patent Eligible Subject Matter and #Evergreening Practices - useful review

Raped, plundered, ignored: central Africa state where only killers thrive - appalling this can be in 21st century

EU Data retention might not be proportional to risks - hugely important case before #ECJ (v @teirdes @cypherpunks)

"Nothing, but nothing, that is stored in their "cloud" services can be guaranteed to be safe from surveillance" - yup

Revealed: #tobacco giant's secret plans to see off plain cigarette packets - shame on #cameron for allowing this

Tough #Copyright Laws Chill Innovation, Tech Companies Warn Lawmakers - good to see this being said

 #StopWatchingUs: 10.000 Menschen demonstrieren gegen #Überwachung - impressive, given the high temperatures

Nexus 7 finds #Apple napping - amazing how fortunes can shift... #tabs

How #Linux is taking over the network - well, obvs

Government bee scientist behind controversial study joins pesticide firm - interesting coincidence #uk

Chinesische NGO: Bericht enthüllt schwere Missstände bei Apples Zulieferern - again...

Why (most) Brits don’t seem to be overly concerned about #NSA snooping - useful thoughts

The BBC passes mobile landmark. And that matters why? - fascinating stats

Ex-Innenminister: Schily nennt Furcht vor Überwachungsstaat paranoid - old man tries to shore up old power structures

Twitter UK chief responds to abuse concerns after campaigner is deluged with rape threats - belatedly...

#opendata for #africa - lots of good stuff

#NSA-Affäre: Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger fordert schärfere Geheimdienstkontrolle - as a minimum

Israel: EU-Diplomaten werden wie Touristen behandelt - punishing the powerless

Wisconsin Gov. Gives Thumbs-Up to Private Security Commandos Hired By Mining Co. - redefining protest as terrorism

#NSA faces backlash over collecting phone data - what #snowden hath wrought (what a pic, too) (@bueti @teirdes)

#TTIP's "Science-based" Assault on #Democracy Begins - the race to the bottom on health & safety begins #TAFTA

Thousands take to streets in #Germany to protest US surveillance of Net - germans lead way (@daviddarts @sinkdeep)

It is still a bitter pill to swallow - #malaysia still unconvinced by #TPP

Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, & Cameron’s Porn Filter With Immunicity - didn't take long (v @jackschofield)

Reality check: NSA spying pales in comparison to European efforts - no, misses point: #NSA is spying on all Europeans

Curiosity rover's descent to #Mars – the story so far - reminder we should be doing more of this, not fighting wars

Solar pays - close to the tipping point? #renewables #energy

Die Daten sind los - why politicians are clueless - & helpless - when it comes to the Net (v @netzpolitik)#nsa

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