Thursday, 18 July 2013


Church Leaders, Gun Groups Sue #NSA Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Phone Surveillance - remarkable coalition

Sehr geehrter Herr Bosbach: Wir erklären, warum Vorratsdatenspeicherung sehr wohl etwas mit Überwachung zu tun hat -

DHS to employees: reading newspaper coverage of Snowden's NSA leaks is "classified data spillage" - so stupid

Claire Perry's porn filter is fantasy policy-making, and it's coming unstuck - great to see this sensible post here

Can #fracking cause bigger, more frequent earthquakes? - oh look another hockey stick...

GitHub gets smart over #opensource licences - good move

ARD-Fakt: BND nutzt dieselbe Überwachungstechnologie wie PRISM - why #snowden's leak is so important

EU publishes initial #TTIP Position Papers - welcome, but we want all tabled documents public immediately #tafta

#Snowden, Michael Meili, And The United States' Hypocrisy On #Whistleblowers - excellent historical comparison

Reuters Publication Openly Hostile To Climate Coverage, Top Editor Doubts Climate Science - shame on #reuters

Prism-Spähskandal: Verschlüsseln Sie schon? - we must make this so easy everyone does it #encryption #nsa

MSF Open Letter to #TPP Countries: Don't trade away health - also applies to #TAFTA/#TTIP

ESOP contesta falso concurso público de 1 milhão de euros lançado pelas Estradas de Portugal - (v rui Seabrea) #pt

Unravelling the spin: guide to corporate rights in EU-US trade deal - superb piece on ISDS - pl. read #TAFTA/#TTIP

The pornification of Britain's high streets: why enough is enough - this, not the Internet, is the real problem #porn

UK police accused of supplying target information for military 'kill list' - if true, people should be jailed 4 this

Do Not Track standards group shoots down advertiser proposal - good news; awful proposal

Citing Snowden Leaks, Russia Again Demands UN Takeover of Internet - well done, US...

Russian ‘fishing interests’ threaten bid for Antarctic conservation area - really disappointing #russia

Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership Talks Begin As Documents Leak - more leaks now, please.... #TAFTa/#TTIP

Leaked EU Laws and Police Raid on ISPs Raise Net Neutrality Concerns - #netneutrality still under threat

EU to ban fipronil to protect honeybees - more good moves from EU

#Japan Considering Copyright Term Extension, #Canada Next? - exactly wrong, all thanks to #TPP

Leaked Regulation: Schrödinger's net neutrality on its way in Europe - EU tofail over #netneutrality?

For the first time in France, the Parliament votes a legislation that gives priority to Free Software - great news

Travellers' mobile phone data seized by #UK police at border - this is utterly outrageous; we must limit this power

‘Intenção é votar o Marco Civil na terça-feira’, afirma relator - incluindo obrigação de manter dados no país - #br

Japanese farmers struggle to make election choices over #TPP - critical stuff

Civil Society Raises #TAFTA/#TTIP Concerns - people are waking up - especially to ISDS

free and open access to global corporate networks - hugely powerful tool for all activists

Industry furious as MEPs vote for stronger EU #tobacco control - well done MEPs #cancer

#NSA is attempting to collect, monitor and store all forms of human communication - the downside of #scaling

The #GM safety dance: What’s rule & what’s real - great, balanced journalism on a contentious subject; recommended

Netzneutralität: EU entwirft das Zwei-Klassen-Internet - looks hugely disappointing #netneutrality

Brüssel und der #NSA-Skandal: Das Schweigen der Europäer - EU "leaders" show they're not; pathetic

Trailer for #WikiLeaks Hollywood Movie 'The Fifth Estate' Unveiled - wonder what effect this will have #assange
Secret #TPP Deal Would Void Democracy - "NAFTA has cost U.S. workers 700,000 jobs" (v @schestowitz)#TAFTA/#TTIP

#Serbia enters Europe, ending the bloody Balkan wars - hopeful signs

secret committee delivers secret finding that secret programme by secret agency is not illegal - oh, well, that's OK

#TPP protects profits at the expense of Maine people, jobs - where's the benefit for the public? #TAFTA/#TTIP

"a warrant for interception, signed by a Minister, was already in place" - IOW, a blanket permission to snoop #UK

Man organizes satirical NSA walk, authorities come to his front door - Germans ought to know better than 2 allow this

#NetNeutrality: Will Kroes Fool Citizens (And Give In to Telcos)? - good analysis of dreadful sellout...

Stop #Monsanto's Trojan Horse - @avaaz wakes up to horrors of investor-state dispute settlement #tafta/#ttip

Mission Creep: When Everything Is #Terrorism - great analysis of why things are getting so bad

Can You Trust #Microsoft With Your Company Secrets? - warning: may contain rhetorical questions #NSA #encryption

Piracy Collapses As Legal Alternatives Do Their Job - precisely as many of us have predicted for years

#TAFTA/#TTIP FAQ: negotiation phase – events, updates, key positions and docs - excellent, but needs info on #ISDS

#snowden on the Really Secret Stuff: "I cannot be coerced into revealing that information, even under torture." -

ISC report recognises that internet snooping laws are not fit for purpose - yes: effectively zero oversight here #uk

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new cause: combating elephant #poaching - good news, kudos to her (v @BoraZ @aubiefan)

Helping those on the wrong side of the Digital Divide - an excellent cause that needs lots of support

How Congress might have already tied Obama’s hands in #TAFTA/#TTIP - so what does that mean for #EU and the public?

Minimum unit price for alcohol proposal shelved - 1st fags, now booze: what a total sellout to lobbyists by #tories

Former Top #NSA Lawyer Blames Civil Libertarians For 9/11, Says Hype About NSA May Lead To A Repeat - insane argument

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