Friday, 26 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130725 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM - whoops (v @superglaze)#censorship

Obama Promises Disappear from Web - whistleblowers promise written out of history (v @trevortimm)#betrayal

Ecco come vogliono farci stare zitti: diffamazione: “carcere e chiusura dei siti web” - awful (v @LifeinSicily)

They Know Much More Than You Think - useful summary of #nsa actions

Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network (AFTINET) warns about #ISDS - good to see them alert on this #TPP

#Brazil's Army Moves To Protect Indigenous Awá Tribe By Halting Illegal Logging - good to hear (v @schestowitz)

#NSA spying may be harming American tech companies’ bottom line - so stop it #cloudcomputing

World’s cheapest computer gets millions tinkering - exactly as we'd  hoped #raspberrypi #linux

L’AGCOM introduce la ghigliottina digitale per i siti internet. Il Provider segnalato alla polizia giudiziaria - bad

Couple abducted in their sleep and house demolished - hammering those nailhouses... #china

Sen. Ron Wyden On #NSA Spying: It's As Bad As #Snowden Says - wow, extraordinary validation from someone who knows

America Is a Place Where Doctors Need Bullet Proof Vests to Protect Themselves from Christian Fundamentalists -

Stop the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef - for coal, too... #epetition #au

Measuring the Benefits of #OpenStandards:  A Contribution to Dutch Politics - good analysis of contentious case #nl

Pflanzenvielfalt auf Äckern & in Gärten bedroht: Bündnis fordert Umsteuern bei der Neufassung des EU Saatgutrechtes -

'Klokkenluiders beschermen tegen politieke wraakzucht' - in praise of whistleblowers #snowden

Government Argues Bradley #Manning Was An Anarchist, As Case Closes - truly pathetic bullying

WTO head questions value of two US-led regional trade initiatives - he's a bit biased, but still #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Hot summer bestows solar power bounty on Britain - figure for Germany: "40% of daytime electricity demand on 7 July"

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Trade Sanctions Against Any Country That Offers Asylum To Snowden - tantrums

Blackfish - let's hope this opens people's eyes to astonishing arrogance & cruelty of making killer whales "perform"

Why such outrage over porn filters? The idea seems perfectly reasonable to me - deep ignorance of tech & implications

maybe our imminent uk #censorship is all #blair's fault: foisting MS word on kids instead of teaching them to understand tech & implications

RT @qz  Attorney General Holder tells Russia US won't seek death penalty for Edward #Snowden -@AP >> such generosity...

Manning and Snowden light path for the US to return to its better self - fine analysis from yochai benkler

Social Mobilization & the Networked Public Sphere: Mapping the SOPA-PIPA Debate - fab. spoiler:@techdirt is the star

Why Won't #NSA Defenders Publish Their Phone Records? - ha! good point #metadata #privacy

 Is #Africa open to #opensource? - bonkers if it weren't (v @africatechie)

Antibiotic resistance: The last resort - how we are screwing this badly for a variety of bad reasons (v @carlzimmer)

Ministry of Truth: Greenpeace on SOE “Water Grab”  - china with something bad to hide (v @isaac)

Intelligence Officials Can't Keep Story Straight: #Snowden Both Did And Did Not Get Key NSA Secrets - credible much?

Rep. Rush Holt Bill To Repeal PATRIOT And FISA Amendments Acts Now Live, Ambitious - another interesting move

An #opensource analog camera you can 3D print at home - impressive

Why Yes, Copyright Can Be Used To Censor, And 'Fair Use Creep' Is Also Called 'Free Speech' - great commentary

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