Thursday, 4 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130702 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

South American nations furious over diversion of Bolivian president's plane – live - lots of fallout for #spain et al

Snowden's father writes open letter to NSA whistleblower in Moscow - is #snowden or #clapper the "greater patriot"?

John Kiriakou Writes Open Letter To #Snowden, Warns Leaker Against Cooperating With FBI - (v @greekemmy @Asher_Wolf)

Bolivian President's Jet Rerouted On Suspicions #Snowden Could Be On Board; Multi-Country Outrage Ensues -

#Whales flee from military #sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows - this must stop

The Post-PRISM Society: Totalitarian Clouds - going forward #opensource

Anti-spying activists plan rallies across US on July 4th holiday - should be fun

Demand for food banks ‘nothing to do with benefits squeeze' says millionaire minister - callous moron (v @tom_watson)

#Japan’s Administration Urges Ministries to Promote #OpenData - good to see

How The Main Issues Of The Marrakesh Treaty For The Blind Were Solved In The Nick Of Time - fascinating

European Commission: beginning of #TAFTA/#TTIP should not be affected - i.e. "we must bend over more..." #EU

US Weighing Increase in #Herbicide Levels in Food Supply - remember #TAFTA/#TTIP will force this onto EU plates too

GMO Crops Mean More Herbicide, Not Less - just look at the graphs of USDA data

Farm Workers Carry Drug-Resistant Staph Despite Partial FDA Antibiotics Ban - people will die from this use

Why European nations must protect #snowden - pity that they've already screwed that up today #bolivia

German Parliament elections: The parties' positions on Free Software - great work; every country should do this

Rampant #Apache website attack hits visitors with highly malicious software - looks really nasty

PMI: World Bank tribunal to hear challenge to #Uruguay’s "excessive" health measures - #TAFTA/#TTIP will bring more

Japan Tobacco said it sued Thailand over health warnings - cancer companies fighting health moves

Shun U.S. web services, top German minister urges privacy-minded citizens - nice thought, not v practical

US-Spähprogramm: Verfassungsschutz will von Prism nichts gewusst haben -

James Clapper, EU play-acting, and political priorities - plenty of guilty people, none of them called #snowden

Gib NSA keine Chance: Wo bleibt die bundesweite Kampagne für mehr digitale Selbstverteidigung? - good question

MSF: #TPP threatens access to affordable medicines - "people living with HIV will again face death"

Theresa May bans qat 'to protect vulnerable members of communities' - yeah, that'll work #uk

EU Debate: US #NSA surveillance programme, surveillance bodies in various Member States and impact on EU - live now

#Snowden's digital 'misuse' has created problems, says Ban Ki-moon - the mask slips (v @Edpilkington @birgittaj)

Mass protests planned over web #NSA spying revelations - a new #SOPA/#ACTA revolt in the making? (v @schestowitz)

English translation of Bolivian government statement over Pres Morales "#Snowden" jet blockade - (v @wikileaks)

#Gambia: MPs ratify 15yrs jail term for internet activism - depressing (v @article19org @bmenzan)

Universal Music's Latest Bet On The Future: People Will Buy Music On Plastic Discs, Right? - forward to the past

#PLOS Journals now optimized for #tablets - nice

Finnish Copyright Monopoly Reform Initiative Needs 20k More Signatures - finns only...

European Parliament resolution: NSA spying - urgent: pl. ask your MEP to support amendments 4 #TAFTA/#TTIP freeze

European Parliament vote on NSA spying - this will be noon tomorrow, local time - pl. contact MEPs to support amends

if you want to support the team bringing those key cases on data protection, you can donate here: #EU

Turkish Police Shoot Down Surveillance #Drone During Istanbul Protests - had to happen

Controversial EU Data Protection Regulation May Be Negotiated In Secret In Breach Of Parliamentary Process -

Countries Should Consider #Snowden’s Asylum Claim Fairly - good to see from @hrw (v @aliceross_ @jdakwar @e3i5)

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