Friday, 19 July 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130717 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

'New' document shows how US forces carriers to allow snooping - lots more where that came from #nsa

Why the precautionary principle matters - this will be a crucial battle for #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Myriad, fresh off Supreme Court loss, keeps on suing over gene patents - it really wants women to die, doesn't it?

EU, Canada Approach To Investment Could Have Mixed Impact On U.S. Talks - impact on #TAFTA#TTIP #CETA

#TAFTA/#TTIP seen as anti-consumer - it's interesting that no public benefits other than "growth" ever mentioned

Former EFSA GMO Panel members & ILSI affiliates lobby against animal testing of GMOs - blatant or what? #TAFTA/#TTIP

The best opening paragraph on #Wikipedia - I haven't read all the others...but this one is absolutely spiffing

So apparently, Edward #Snowden uses security-focused email service Lavabit - more secure email is going to be hot

Using #Patents To Needlessly Drive Up Healthcare Costs: The Economic Impact Of Evergreening Drugs - then people die

Leaked EU Policy Papers Show #TAFTA/#TTIP's Huge Challenges -- And Some Subtle Signals - kremlinology 2.0

EU-US survey reveals massive support for#TAFTA/#TTIP - but only from the rich & and powerful who stand to benefit

Bill Known As “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act” Seeks to Silence Big-Ag Whistleblowers - something to hide?

#Mozilla Comes under Attack - and of Age - some hilarious light reading for the summer - enjoy #cookies

Chinese Internet users share same values concerning free speech, privacy, & control as their Western counterparts -

Richard Poynder asks: where are we with #openaccess? - definitive series of interviews on #oa

How the US government uses information from spying on foreign companies - tl;dr: industrial espionage #nsa

US Military Tracks GMO Campaigners and Independent Scientists - this should really be ringing alarm bells

#Snowden reportedly has 'blueprint' on how NSA operates - but will he ever release it?

Lessons from the EU: who benefits from exclusive trade agreements? - excellent analysis #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Cargill flouts law to secretly build land bank in Colombia - one law for the rich....

Whistleblower in Guangdong Suffers Ruthless Reprisal - dreadful #china

Major GM food company #Monsanto 'pulls out of Europe' - well, not entirely, I'd say... #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Snowden’s Contingency: ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ Borrows From Cold War, WikiLeaks - v wise

The #CIA's New Black Bag Is Digital - so, how many EU laws has it broken in this way? outraged yet? #surveillance

#OpenSource Software: The Hidden Cost of Free - the 1990s called and want their #FUD back...

Österreich: Outsourcen der Speicherung von Vorratsdaten in die USA - #austria will be the laughing stock of EU...

The Internet Sector calls for Greater Transparency in Requests for User Data - good to see #mozilla here

Engineers create "disposable UAVs" inspired by paper planes - wow #drones

Research Associate - Psychology of Cybercrime and Deception (Fixed Term) - sounds fun #cambridge

Schutz gegen Prism und Tempora: Ja, wir verschlüsseln - good to see this entering mainstream #encryption

and if anyone cares, I'll be exploring this awful news of the EU's betrayal of #netneutrality and the #openinternet in a post soon...

Homeland Security Threatens Legal Action Against Employees Who Read News About Leaks - US now officially insane #nsa

"CFL en Español" completes six UN languages - handy #copyright

Die USA sind krank - and the rest of the world is sick of it... #NSA #spying

Geschlossene Plattformen zerstören Verbraucherrechte - of course

#Prism-Skandal: Die scheinheilige Transparenz-Botschaft der Internetriesen - feet of clay ain't in it...

If You Haven't Seen A Windows Phone Lately, It's Because They're Practically Disappearing - no comment required

Are there really two PRISMs, or just one #PRISM with NATO involvement? - fascinating

South Korea's #NISgate -  doesn't want to be left out #surveillance (v @TimothyS @Thomas_Drake1)

Microblogs are making it easier for #whistleblowers to rout out state-level corruption - let's hope

Bipartisan Backlash Grows Against Domestic Surveillance - about time #nsa

Judge Refuses To Drop 'Aiding The Enemy' Charges Against Bradley #Manning - America's Great Shame before the world

Netflix presses ahead with HTML5, as free software activists call for boycott - sounds good to me

precautionary: "right to take measures when one side does not have enough scientific measures" - notice get-out here

"EU is serious about #TAFTA/#TTIP and can indeed deliver." - yup: EU's principles, on a plate, all in name of growth

Trade chief says Pacific trade pact deal not easy - maybe that's because it's based on bullying & injustice #TPP

Gordon Campbell on the latest risk to national sovereignty posed by free trade deals - the problem is #ISDS in #TPP

Das Ende der Netzneutralität – EU stellt sich auf Seite der Telekom! - #netneutrality

What Will #Japan's Entry Into #TPP Mean for Internet Users? - v helpful analysis, especially of "shinkokuzai"

If 'Just Metadata' Isn't An Issue, Why Can't Tech Companies Reveal 'Just Metadata' About NSA Surveillance? - touché

"nobody can 'seriously compare' [Blair's] work as Middle East envoy to that of lobbyist" - lobbyists are more ethical

#NZ Human Rights Commission: GCSB bill 'inadequate' - after criticism, threatened with losing funding...

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