Wednesday, 25 September 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130923 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TTIP moving to fast track if 1st results come early - rushing this huge deal will be a disaster (v @MarietjeSchaake)

"If there is not going to be any change at all on GMOs, it will be difficult to get #TAFTA/#TTIPl through US Congress." so EU must submit?

EC 'buckled under pressure' for soft energy labels - always kowtowing to business, but bullying the public...

TTIP: Data is the elephant in the room - data is crucial for 21st century: #TAFTA/#TTIP a joke without it

Surprise: #Paywalls Cause Massive Falls In Number Of Visitors – And Boost Competitors - here are the figures

Extreme Energy Extraction Roadtrip — The Scary Ways We're Ruining the Country to Get #FossilFuels - insanity

The jagged edges of the #TPP - good piece on what they're not telling people #NZ

Stephen Fry joins demand to end #NSA and #GCHQ mass surveillance - good to see writers doing this

Police accused of bias over culling of #badgers - Officer 'threatened to pass protester data to farmers'

Google Removes ‘BitTorrent’ From Piracy Search Filter - quite right

'Not surprising India has become an important surveillance target' - interview with @ggreenwald about #NSA & his book

Yemeni Human Rights Activist Held At UK Border Under Terrorism Law - more bullying by UK border thugs (v @ggreenwald)

#NSA Apologist Says The NSA's Actions Are Fine Because 'Privacy Is Dead' - great debunking of dangerous stupidity

superb European Parliament briefing note on #NSA spying, its impact on #EU citizens, & what can be done [pdf] -

#TTIP & the 50 States: Jobs and Growth from Coast to Coast - interesting propaganda from UK gov (v @EU_TTIP_team)

re last tweet, #TTIP/#TAFTA propaganda, note FTAs with Korea & Mexico were disasters for US - jobs were lost -

Brazilian president Rousseff launches tirade against US over #NSA surveillance - fiery & important speech #brazil

Border Patrol's Horrific Treatment Of On The Media's Producer, Family & Friends Shows Lack Of DHS Accountability -

Germany's Second Largest City De-Privatizes Local Power Grid - great precedent: time to roll things back

Who rooted servers two years ago, how did it happen, & why? - now would be a good time to say

Don’t blame robots for America’s falling wages: Blame trade - #TAFTA/#TTIP will impoverish US and EU workers

Brazilian President Blasts #NSA Spying In Front Of World Leaders -- Including Obama -- At UN - makes EU look pathetic

MEPs raise suspension of EU-US bank data deal - interesting move  (v @ClaudeMoraesMEP)#nsa

Senators Demand Answers On #NSA Snooping — By The End Of 2014 - yeah, take your time, no rush...

Google To Encrypt All Keyword Searches - that's good

This short film combining robotics and projection will blow your mind - interesting idea, nicely executed

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