Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130922 - http://bit.ly/19stidm yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

EU, US gear up for 'real' negotiation round #TAFTA/#TTIP - http://bit.ly/1eBdPhd what, the one where EU food/safety standards are lowered?

"Americans are very keen on #ISDS, which would allow them to challenge a state directly" - http://bit.ly/16l11Jy i.e. US cos. above EU law

Oaken Wood in Kent to be uprooted as quarry plan gets go ahead - http://bit.ly/16sopOA so much for "greenest government ever"... #tories

Robb stands firm on foreign lawsuits - http://bit.ly/15kLBPf surprising, but welcome #ISDS #TPP

President Obama Asks Congress To Give Up Its Oversight On Secret #TPP Agreement - http://bit.ly/1dDbwat for no benefit whatsoever

EU more extreme than US on trade - http://bit.ly/1b6n4FH makes #TAFTa/#TTIP even more dangerous

Japan offers 75% tariff elimination in 1st year of #TPP accord - http://bit.ly/16TBGE7 so how do the japanese farmers feel about that?

Three Seriously Injured In New-Bus-For-London Smash - http://bit.ly/18OKcGM whoa, what happened here?

Retail Giant Tesco Follows In Amazon’s Footsteps With Hudl, A Cut-Price, Own-Brand Android Tablet - http://tcrn.ch/1eBBqhF significant move

Here’s what you need to know about the #Apple #TouchID “hack” - http://bit.ly/14zanOx useful summary of situation #ccc

Don’t price your #ebook at $1.99 - http://bit.ly/18OUUxe interesting observations on psychology of buying (v @superglaze)

9 Nastiest Things In the Meat You Eat - http://bit.ly/17WNFQL remember: US wants #TAFTA/#TTIP to force these on EU: http://1.usa.gov/14znEXr

#NSA stories around the world - http://bit.ly/16TToHr useful roundup by @ggreenwald

Complaint against European Parliament over secret legal advice - http://bit.ly/15lN9hn great move: no reason to keep this secret now #ACTA

#India among top targets of spying by #NSA - http://bit.ly/18Runtc useful details of what's been happening

EUhackathon takes place on 24-25 September 2013 - http://bit.ly/16TYMdL in Brussels

German elections launch Martin Schulz towards Commission presidency - http://bit.ly/15lTTXi now that would be interesting...

Explore the world’s constitutions with a new online tool - http://bit.ly/16U3N5T pity UK entry to short... #google

#Android and the #Tesco Effect - http://bit.ly/1gSDhvs this is why the #iPad is doomed to become a niche product

UK inquiry into online safety - http://bit.ly/1dDKsYL closes 30 September - don't forget to make your submission - can be online

#Google Has Spent $21 Billion on Data Centers - http://bit.ly/14zJ86x how many servers is that, do we think? 20 million? (v @robinwauters)

Timeline of Edward #Snowden's revelations - http://alj.am/16BIgfb links to original stories - hugely useful (v @martijnloth @bitsoffreedom)

re number of Google servers, the wonderful #xkcd has of course pondered this - http://bit.ly/1bBuhg4 (v +Wade Aaron Inganamort)

public consultation its draft EU policy on publication & access to clinical-trial data - http://bit.ly/15Xo253 important; closes 30 Sep.

Bruce Schneier: #NSA Spying Is Making Us Less Safe - http://bit.ly/1gSXBg0  great interview, hugely quotable... (v @raycorrigan)

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The only analogy I can give is that it’s like death."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "by eavesdropping on all Americans, they’re building the technical infrastructure for a police state."

.@Bruce_Schneier on backdoors: "It’s like going out on a date. Sex might never be explicitly mentioned, but you know it’s on the table."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The Internet has become essential to our lives, and it has been subverted into a gigantic surveillance platform."

.@Bruce_Schneier on #NSA: "The solutions have to be political. The best advice for the average person is to agitate for political change."

20-Year-Old Requirement For 'Real-time, Full-time' Eavesdropping On Canadian Mobiles Revealed - http://bit.ly/1futuhb out of the woodwork

Internet Activism Is a 'Gateway Drug' to Doing Good - http://on.mash.to/16tFo2U important point

Hear no evil, see no evil - http://bit.ly/15mK2AB exposes nicely EU cowardice over #NSA spying on Europeans

Bolivian President to Sue US Govt for Crimes Against Humanity - http://bit.ly/15PHmiz interesting move (v @AnnieMachon)

#China just bought 5% of #Ukraine - http://bit.ly/1eCz0j0 a headline from the future, brought to you today... #food

"#Snowden walks freely in the streets in disguise" - http://on.wsj.com/1aZPu0o "the danger level is very high" (v @boingboing)#nsa

OPPO partners with #Cyanogen Inc. - http://bit.ly/18SBKjT didn't take long

How Much #Surveillance Can We Accept? - http://bit.ly/18lAtWC "would have to be consequences for those who abused our trust"

#Metadata Equals #Surveillance - http://bit.ly/18Ql4Q0 only knaves or fools who don't understand what metadata is, say otherwise

#NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell's imagination – Alan Rusbridger - http://bit.ly/17XSgCb because digital, not analogue

Gurry: “the impact of illegal downloading is significant and negative.” - http://bit.ly/15nd48p where's his evidence? (v @howardknopf)

Dispute over free trade deals, after government removes restrictions - http://bit.ly/18SVO5G #australia warms to #ISDS folly

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