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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121202 - http://bit.ly/VpZ9IZ yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

World Conference on International Telecommunications (#WCIT) -http://bit.ly/RvFwOx #internetsociety on WCIT (v @MitchellBaker @BrendanEich)

iiNet: #copyright law hampering #AU ISPs - http://zd.net/QBbHKS is even cacheing illegal? (v @MsLods)

A Primer on Cheap Software Defined Radios - http://bit.ly/RvFMgq fascinating area for #freesw

Keep the Internet free and open - http://bit.ly/VomG9v #google's vincent cerf on the dangers of #wcit #itu

Revisiting The Purpose Of The #Copyright Monopoly: Science And The Useful Arts - http://bit.ly/WDnZQU @Falkvinge gives a history lesson

Outrageous: Keystone XL conflict of interest - http://bit.ly/R0eyhZ Rice, likely US Secretary of State, has investments in it, power over it

Apple's Nerves Show in Buildup to Dec. 6 Hearing - http://bit.ly/QBdnEk getting interesting

The obscure threat to the internet you need to know about - http://bit.ly/VfGE4hnot obscure around here, but useful intro (v @Asher_Wolf)

Internal Conflicts: #Africa's Undoing - http://bit.ly/11pfU7D interesting point (v @africatechie)

One million to stop the corporate death star, aka #TPP - http://bit.ly/QBfub4"722,655 have signed. Help us get to 1,000,000"

Opponents rally against Pacific-wide free trade pact talks in New Zealand -http://bit.ly/TG9YRz opposition to #TPP mounts #NZ

Why is ITU Governance of the Internet a Bad Idea? - http://bit.ly/VfpyDt another post from #mozilla about why #wcit is a threat to #openness

Auckland #TPP trade talks spark protest - http://bit.ly/UBk3mg another report on growing anger in #NZ

Yvo de Boer: Put €150 per tonne price on carbon - http://bit.ly/RvJM0i just do it#climatechange

Assessing the Prospects the #WCIT Holds for the Open Internet: What the US Delegation’s Contributions Reveal - http://bit.ly/SFSqGm #ITU

Amelia Andersdotter on Data Protection Regulation Opinion -http://bit.ly/SroAFU @teirdes nails deep problems in EU #dataprotectionproposal

Tibetan leader holds hope #China can learn from Canada - http://bit.ly/WDqG5cinteresting thoughts (v @markmackinnon)#tibet

Open Data Institute to open this week, highlighting big data innovation in the UK - http://tnw.co/TGewHy good background to exciting move

Canada Weighs In – Peter Clark on the #TPP - http://bit.ly/Xh9pnj interesting and unusual perspective

Public Events And Protests Against the #TPP - http://bit.ly/R0mcZS handy guide to cut out and keep #NZ

Open Data Institute Gets Its First Outside Investment, $750K From The Omidyar Network To Top Up UK’s $16M - http://tcrn.ch/YGJ0j3 good news

#TPP a threat to the environment - http://bit.ly/TBbAj0 amongst other things#NZ

Bear hunting in California: the end of an era - http://bit.ly/SFVoe5 what a contemptible bunch of insecure sadists #hunters

NZ must lift restrictions on access to #TPP talks - http://bit.ly/SFVDps#Greenparty calls for transparency

British biz gets one in five of its pounds from the INTERNET -http://bit.ly/Srr871 so maybe UK government should take it into account more

UK may recall #Israel ambassador over settlement plan - http://bit.ly/R0nR1rwell, it's a start, I suppose...

UK Police cited botched, corrupt investigation as reason to spy on the nation -http://bit.ly/WDvIyx truly shameful #ccdp

It is the web, not the press, that must be brought under control -http://bit.ly/XhrHVF twit blames Net for papers' sins (v @jeffjarvis)

Batting on a Sticky #WCIT, Defending #Openness - http://bit.ly/YGWlIg have to say, that's hardly cricket... #ITU

Things that keep me awake at night #1: The end of telephony -http://bit.ly/Vpb1ra thought provoking as ever

The Internet Isn't Broken; So Why Is The #ITU Trying To 'Fix' It? -http://bit.ly/SrBqE0 answers on the back of an IP packet... #wcit

'Transformer' robot can become almost anything - http://bit.ly/TCW6Ks clever; also, worrying...

Entidades de direitos digitais são contra controle da internet pela ONU -http://bit.ly/Rw3mJX and so they should #itu #wcit

Crazy-Stupid Or The Future? SoPost Wants To Turn Your Twitter Handle Into A Physical Address - http://tcrn.ch/VpdamE intriguing

Copyright for a digital age - http://bit.ly/TBuLJv #britishlibrary chap in favour of new orphan legislation (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Native Americans more 'European' than thought - http://bit.ly/RwhenF oooh, interesting #genetics #linguistics

Two examples why we don’t need the draft Communications Data -http://bit.ly/TH0EwB great debunking of pathetic arguments (v @glynwintle)

OpenStax College Physics textbook now freely available in variety of formats -http://bit.ly/Vg9wtm can't wait for the others #opentextbooks

Feudal Security - http://bit.ly/TH2AW5 great post by @schneierblog#security

News Corp’s iPad-Only Newspaper The Daily Shutting Down, Brand And Some Staff Folded Into New York Post - http://tcrn.ch/R10PaL no surprise

The 61 Countries a Mad Despot Could Instantly Unplug From the Internet -http://bit.ly/Ukibfr eeek

Internet showdown: why digital freedom matters - to us all - http://bit.ly/R12cGxnice gentle intro to hand around to aunts & uncles

Yet Another Contested 3 Strikes File-Sharing Case Dropped By Music Biz -http://bit.ly/11qLr9u waste of time & effort

UK police have detained more than 200,000 pupils over last year -http://bit.ly/YqdN54 shameful, wrong & counterproductive (v @Asher_Wolf)

Touré: "we must recognize that none of these freedoms can exist without security – especially in online world" - http://bit.ly/TBBkvK #ITU

Hours to tame the Murdoch mafia - http://bit.ly/TEJ4Ke it's gotta be done#leveson

La ruta verde del acceso abierto tiene nombre en América Latina: LA Referencia - http://bit.ly/QC1gqo great news #openaccess

Dirty War Against Africa’s Remaining Rhinos - http://bit.ly/RwCppA good article; idiotic obsession with toenail material (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

#Copyright Troll Case Tossed For 'Fraud On The Court' After Abbott & Costello-Worthy Hearing - http://bit.ly/TEUC06 wow, spectacular

"the #EU could start by differentiating between Israeli goods and those produced in illegal Israeli settlements" - http://bit.ly/11HtZN5 

The Economist unbundles digital from print subscriptions - http://bit.ly/R1WCDGwho will be next? #publishing

Free And Open? World Governments Discuss The Internet In Secret -http://bit.ly/SH86JG more views on why this is bad #wcit #itu

$100 #Android/#Linux tablet hits funding goal, ships in January -http://ars.to/11HXVZm yay; but will they deliver?

Turns Out, Giving is Good for You - http://bit.ly/YI6eFH why openness and sharing work

The OA Interviews: Harvard’s Stuart Shieber - http://bit.ly/YI6rbV another fab interview with key #openaccess figure

Ten Years of RedMonk - http://bit.ly/TF9dZm congrats #devs

Alibaba reaches 1 trillion RMB ($157B) in sales to become biggest e-commerce company in the world - http://bit.ly/VgQQcD more to come #china

Tri-National Campaign Launched in Opposition to the #TPP -http://bit.ly/UCaxze great to see coordination: more please

Movie Studios Ask Google To Censor Their Own Films, Facebook and Wikipedia - http://bit.ly/Ty6ArW time for a Darwin Award, methinks...

The Pope on Twitter: 187,000 followers (so far), not one tweet -http://cnet.co/11I2m6w a question of faith, I suppose...

Doubling Down On Secrecy: #ITU Believes Secret Media Strategy Key To Avoiding SOPA/ACTA Fate - http://bit.ly/VgHZIg </sigh>

The Pirate Bay's Perfectly Legal 'The Promo Bay' Blocked By UK ISPs -http://bit.ly/Tyh5f4 something not right here

Why you should be afraid of the UN’s plan to regulate the internet -http://bit.ly/YIrpHx another good roundup of the issues #itu #wcit

Urgent: Groups Urge European Commission To Back Strong #Copyright In Upcoming Debate - http://bit.ly/Vs14Jy we need to respond quickly

So You Want to Be an Internet Policy Analyst? - http://bit.ly/RxjzOU lots of generally-sound advice

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