Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121223 -  http://bit.ly/VqycyM yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Opensource groups warn #Greece will waste millions on school software -  http://bit.ly/ReEDbZ  perverse & wasteful

LinkedIn nonsense -  http://bit.ly/UX0IK0  I agree: #linkedin abusing our trust here, I think...

Internet Archive Needs Donations, Has Matching Donor - http://bit.ly/V64JuW hugely important: this is the only copy of Net history at scale

Lessons From Merck's Niacin Failure -  http://onforb.es/WKDwnu fascinating & important #pharma

China is largest single Android market -  http://zd.net/UoUFk9 "786 million Android smartphone devices were sold worldwide in 2012" #linux

First #OpenEconomics International Workshop -  http://bit.ly/VqBO3F fun & important #opendata

Whatever happened to the Hurd? – The story of the #GNU OS -  http://bit.ly/WKEL67 interesting story, well told #freesw

What Happened at the 1st Open Knowledge Foundation #France Meet-up? -  http://bit.ly/V1c5AZ beyond great cheese #okf

LPs are killing MP3s are killing CDs killed DAT is killing Cassettes are killing LPs; yet somehow “Music” survives -  http://bit.ly/12Adwf5 

How the African diaspora is contributing to the continent’s growth story -  http://bit.ly/U6yED6 5.5 million in UK alone (v @africatechie)

Economics & Coordinating the Crowd - http://bit.ly/W1IaHV interesting points about #crowdsourcing

Africans Should Not Fear the Chinese -  http://bit.ly/VYYNn9 but caution probably still advisable (v @africatechie)#china #africa

Petition to Deport Piers Morgan Over Gun Control Stance Gains Enough Signatures to Elicit White House Response -  http://gaw.kr/Zv5q8N kudos

Prescribing Analytics: how drug data can save the NHS millions -  http://bit.ly/Vfs9Br great use of #opendata 

China considering broad law to require real-name registration for its 500m+ Internet users -  http://tnw.co/ReIoOw not good; the west next?

Belastetes Wildfleisch: Blei im Magen -  http://bit.ly/TgDvnW ah, maybe this explains why recreational hunters are so stupid...

Taking #opensource foundations to the next level - http://bit.ly/V1wm9m time for an open source foundation foundation?

This Tiny Gizmo Could Be A Very Big Deal In 2013 - And Beyond -  http://bit.ly/12ADiQh this does look rather spectactular...

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