Thursday, 1 September 2011


Who Needs LimeWire? Open Source Groovejaar’s In Town - interesting program

#WikiLeaks cable shows US twisting arm of Bosnian government to license software from #Microsoft - & not only there

The cracking of - great explanation of why the #linux kernel is still safe

Socio-acoustics of Asian elephants - isn't it about time we learned how to interpret what they are saying? #linguistics

Hubei Anti-Corruption Official Stabbed 10x Ruled a Suicide - well, obviously #china #fishy

Cash Hoards Are Destroying Value In The Tech Sector - interesting analysis #finance

The Invisible Mouse - transparent, actually; still rather creepy #biology

Hyperconnected Education - excellent piece: "When people connect, they begin to share."

Wikileaked cable: #AFACT was #MPAA’s cat’s-paw - "a precedent in Australia would serve as a lever"

Cents of Entitlement - time to get rid of copyright levies where they exist - or to reduce them & allow copying

Local councils lose personal details of 160,000 people - what's the collective noun for lost personal data?

Pearson wants people to mash up its content, open-sources API - clueful (v @copyrightgirl @LawTechGadget) #publishing

Nokia transfers 2,000 #patents to IP firm - "expected to generate income from lawsuits"; totally sick

Death in #dolphins: do they understand they are mortal? - given their intelligence, why wouldn't they? #ethology

Plastic Bag Manufacturers Edit California Textbooks - "new section titled "Advantages of Plastic Shopping Bags."

Local authorities use #libel laws to silence criticism - needs to be fixed (v @jmcest)

Tear Down This (Pay)Wall: The End of Private Copyright in Public Statutes - quite (v @Copycense)

Just published: "Big Data Now" - "a free collection that brings together much of the #data coverage we've featured"

We the People - US to launch epetitions to White House; wonder where they got that idea...?

Open Data: Help "Make it Real" - #UK gov wants your advice #opendata #transparency #ogov

Photographer gets it - nice pic; great post #copyright #ownership

Happy third birthday, #Chrome! - slightly self-congratulatory post from #google; nice graphic

The seduction of Howard Dean - depressing tale of the corrosive power of money (v @jamie_love) #lobbying

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