Friday, 23 September 2011


pic of the week: Moody Clacton Pier - with a title like that, how could I resist? #pix

Milkymist and #Arduino – a Workshop - more fab #openhardware

Why I'm a #philanthropy wonk - interesting historical perspective

Movie Institute Feels Pain Of IP Address-Only #Piracy ‘Evidence’ - well, everyone else does, why not them?

#Faroe Islands #Whaling Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions - justified outrage at barbaric Westerners...

Why does it cost $20,000 a year to subscribe to a science journal? - good question, to which no good answer #oa

RT @jamie_love Thomson Reuters tells WIPO it claims a database copyright in court opinions and statutes >>typical abuse of monopoly

Culturomics - "library of the future will contain all books & magazines & newspapers (& blogs) completely hyperlinked"

Governments should stay close when engaging #opensource groups - sounds wise

200 things I love about #London - fab post: took the (200) words right out of my mouth

Humans colonised Asia in two waves - I just love this stuff #genomics #anthropology

Mozillians as inventors - "#Mozilla-style, tinkerish invention should be a central part of the learning programs"

RespectMyNet: Name and Shame Operators' Attempts to Control the Net - interesting move: will it help? #netneutrality

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking - this is foolish: it's a slippery slope they shouldn't go down

#CIA Says Global-Warming Intelligence Is ‘Classified’ - this people really need to grow up

Yoof survey: 'Internet as vital as air' - which makes #3strikes equivalent to asphyxiation

Europeana adopts new data exchange agreement, all metadata to be published under CC0 - it's a start #cc

Appeals Court Arbitrarily Deciding What Is And What's Not Patentable - clear sign of a broken, unworkable system

13 #Firefox Add-Ons To Enhance Your Google+ Experience - anyone use these to link #twitter to G+? (v @matthiasdaues)

An Interesting Software #Liability Proposal - this would be great for free software...

@Mark_Antony"OSS please!" is rather a good slogan...perhaps we should start using it...

OSS Please! - we need a concerted campaign to get the UK to use open source; here's the slogan/hashtag: #ossplease

I CAN HAZ OSS PL0X? - now with extra added kitteh #ossplease

Labels Dropping Out Of Spotify Are Totally Missing The Point - #spotify, like #piracy, is about #marketing

The problems of a buddy hotline to Ministers - insane: super-lobbying is anti-transparency and pro-corruption #uk

Poisoned peregrine falcons prompt RSPB reward offer - seems that scum is not just found on Cornish beaches...

FBI Continues Crackdown on Cybercrime With Two Arrests - 2 arrests is a crackdown? come on...

Scientists Turn Brain’s Visual Memories into a Mind-Blowing Video - can demands for copyright licences be far behind?

FT Web-based app more popular than #app sold in Apple store - hopeful sign #html5

 Turning Digital Natives into Digital Citizens - yes, much more please (v @copyrightgirl @ArtistsRights @Copycense

The Facebook template: when net freedom meets market forces - maybe the odd mention of #freesw would be clueful here

#Oracle wants $1.16 billion in damages from #Google - going down; now pretty affordable (v @sjvn)

We the People - new US epetitions site on - some wacky suggestions there already...

Can The US Chamber Of Commerce Lobby For PROTECT IP Without Being So Blatantly Intellectually Dishonest? - er, no?

E.U. Sets 2013 Deadline for Open Source Public Data Mining Portal - can't wait #opendata #ogov #eu

$10 Settlement Offers: The Entertainment Industry's New #Copyright Tactic - now, isn't that fascinating?

Time running out for “paradise” - we give trillions for wars, but can't even find $60 million for this? we're sick...

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