Monday, 5 September 2011


Kolkata Based Prepgenie Offers Preparation Courses For Australian, British And US Based Tests - global classroom

#Copyright reform, from a centre-right perspective - good to have

#Cablegate: #Microsoft Attacks Free/Libre Software in Tunisia, Conspiring to Also Spy on Population - truth will out

#Copyright Restricts the Right To Property - indeed: we should call it intellectual anti-property...

New Film Explores Distrust of China - "Would an alien from another galaxy speak Chinese?" clever idea (v @ChinesePod)

Как помочь развитию темы открытых данных и открытого государства в России - useful intro to #opendata & #ogov #russia

Can Whitehall open up to #opensource? - good to see #bbc finally address this serious issue (v @opensourcerer)

MIL-OSS 2011 - good report on US MIL-OSS (“military open source software”)

In Defense Of #WikiLeaks: Looking At Cables On Pharmaceutical Drugs And Trade Pressures - interesting analysis

Chinese Government Learns to Weibo - "more than 10,000 government departments & officials in China with #weibo"

The Origins of Europe's Suicidal #Copyright Policies - not just morally wrong, but economically crazy, too

Access Info's Litigation at the European Union - absurd, insulting lack of #transparency (v @jmcest @paulbradshaw)

Open Source Sells Planes - fascinating #aviation #openness

Full-Disclosure, Unredacted WikiLeaks, Security and The Guardian - good analysis (v @wikileaks)

#Microsoft meeting with US Ambassador to #Brazil regarding politics of Open Document Format (#ODF) proposal to ISO –

#Copyright Term Extension in the EU Council on Wednesday - how can UK still support this after #hargreaves? idiots

#Australia: no plans to prosecute #Assange over cables - who knows what will happen? (v @jmcest @wikileaks)

Wikileaks: ICE / IFPI Infiltrate Pirate Topsites - if they intentional leak prereleases, is sharing them OK?

lunatic pricing: paperback - £12.69, Kindle - £42.16 - presumably all the electrons came from gold atoms #publishing

Europeans Care About Civil Liberties: US Shocked - Yurop gets ideas above its station

Cables that mention #opensource software - great resource; sure to be hidden treasures there #cablegate

Forthcoming Series of Open Articles on Open #Shakespeare - oooh, nice

Facebook ganha do Orkut no Brasil - translation: #orkut is dead in the water #brazil

The Great Copyright Conspiracy Laid Bare - proof that the US has been driving all the recent #copyright moves in #EU

Cables that mention #open source software - now with excerpts - wow, some really good stuff here #microsoft

EU hackathon - "focused on enabling transparency and accountability in the information society" 8-9/11/11 Brussels

#Tibet’s mining menace - the pillaging accelerates; tibetans will live with environmental consequences for years

#TPP Negotiators 2 Meet in Chicago: Reports Show Conflict Between IP Provisions & Local Laws in U.S. & Australia –

Krugman: “Tighter Ozone Regulation Would Actually Have Created Jobs” - isn't this obvious?

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