Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Cablegate: Ireland Pushes Charlie #McCreevy to Help #Microsoft Against Antitrust Regulators - http://bit.ly/nCnfTK gosh, what a surprise

Hats_Micael_Reynaud.gif - http://bit.ly/pMjzvB probably best not to look at this after eating #vangogh #hats

Cables mentioning "Special 301" - http://bit.ly/r0fYBT major instrument of US bullying #wikileaks

Lawyer Refuses to Tell Court How Profitable BitTorrent Settlements Are - http://bit.ly/o7vPTM I wonder why

TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over - http://tcrn.ch/oN5DqE a rather despairing post; has La Huffington broken TechCrunch?

If all else fails, switch to Open Source - http://bit.ly/oYlzkQ saving huge amounts of money as a last resort... #latvia #wikileaks

RT @laserfox Mozilla denys new startup root CA , Honest Achmeds Used Cars and Certificates: bit.ly/ewPcYw #diginotar #comodo #trust

#Swiss government unblocks #opensource court software release - http://bit.ly/qVoJLq useful precedent to have: "no cross-subsidisation"

The Next Internet: What's Holding Us Back? - http://rww.to/poGutJ fascinating historical moment most of us never knew

Now That's What I call (21st-Century) Music - http://bit.ly/pHGhhf hats off to @jonathancoulton(v @nzJayZee)#music

Russian Minister: YouTube and Google Should Be Shut Down For Copyright Infringement - http://bit.ly/n1lAoq shut down the web next?

European Court to Rule on #GM Contamination in Honey - http://bit.ly/pJVaqs fascinating case #bees

RT @normative New RAND Corp study underscores just how feeble the terror threat really is. bit.ly/qTrR6D >>what a surprise

Richter stoppen Genhonig - Schlappe für Agrarlobby - http://bit.ly/o0J3bc despite appearances, this is potentially v big #gm

Court ruling on #GM contamination blows hole in the myth of coexistence - http://bit.ly/rpQWvD here's why that ruling is important

Open Up - http://bit.ly/oN1vCT new blog "to showcase #OpenSource startups and to give Open Source entrepreneurs the news and advice" great

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