Monday, 12 September 2011


Google Claims Copied Code Means No Infringement - this looks v. clever - will the judge go for it? (v @opensourcerer)

Celebrating Freesound 2.0, retiring Sampling+ licenses - great project, interesting move #cc

Why Brazilian expats are moving back home to work with startups - interesting straw in the wind #brazil

#Twitter To Support #Hindi - I'm surprised it's taken this long for such an important market #india

interesting: #opendata portals in #Singapore - - and South #Korea –

Install the Classic Desktop in #Ubuntu 11.10 - this will be me #linux

Climate Scientists Defense Fund – Please Help - sad that it has come to this

Latindex Portal of Portals - "10e6 scientific articles from Latin America & the Caribbean, Spain & Portugal" free (v @petersuber)

Owning the #stack: The legal war to control the #smartphone platform - excellent, detailed summary

useful list of #opendata portals in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Georgia, Albania, Thailand, UAE, Hong Kong, Kenya [ru] –

UK Government: Open Standards Must be #RF, not #FRAND - this is big: finally a definitive answer #opensource

RT @AbsintheSyringe @BiellaColeman Shuttleworth & I are off to a meeting with President of Republika #Srpska. Topic? Migration to #Linux.

Another 59 Defenders Of Copyright Monopoly And Locked-Down Society Just Lost Their Jobs - cool #germany

Social network lets people with same gut flora hook up - is it just me, or is this vaguely disquieting?

Former RIAA Lobbyist, Now Judge, Says Lowest Possible Statutory Damages For Single Case Of Infringement Is $3,430 –

#Tablets com #Android já estão mais baratos por causa dos incentivos do governo? - lucky old #Brazil

Term extension is a cultural disaster - what a surprise: the #copyright #ratchet turns another notch... #eu

How #China kept lid on Ramadan - "more people see religion as a form of resistance" (v @farwestchina @markmackinnon)

Why I Insist On Saying “The Copyright Monopoly” - of course, like patent monopoly: they're intellectual monopolies

Better Swatch What You Say - remember, this is the logical conclusion of #copyright (v @normative)

#Mozilla as teacher - sounds perfect to me #education #coding

Libertarian Think Tanks Oppose #Patents On Abstract Ideas - interesting, possibly quite significant #scotus

#MPAA: Bad At Math & Bad At Economics - and guess what? they just don't care...

USPTO decides two #Rambus #patents are invalid - "After it won lawsuits with them"

Anti-Piracy Lobby Misleads Aussie Press for Three-Strikes Campaign - making fools of journos - smart move

At #TPP Negotiating Round, USTR Holds Firm on Secrecy and IP Maximalism - more details of US bad behaviour

EU Commissioner on Trade Discusses IP and Development, Asks IPR Owners to Increase Lobbying - how about working for us?

USTR Release of White Paper on “Trans Pacific PartnershipTrade Goals to Enhance Access to Medicines” - good debunking

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