Saturday, 17 September 2011


How Payola Works Today... Or Why You Only Hear Major Label Songs On The Radio - another reason they hate the Net

3 Million Texts for Free - "bringing over 1,000 new books online every day." totally fab #ebooks

Breakfast at Arduino - four major announcements, making #arduino even more wonderful #openhardware

US Rep: #Copyright has actually been an "impediment" to rightsholders - a glimmer of hope, here?

A Huge Oil Palm Plantation Puts African Rainforest at Risk - #palmoil's blight spreads further

An open letter to J.R. Salamanca - addressing an orphan work's author...

The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice - cc-by-nc; can be read online

Saturn: New photos from Cassini’s recent Enceladus flyby - wow #space

Defra Approval of UK #GM Wheat Trial a Mistake - this seems a very odd move

What the 2001 #Doha Declaration Changed - & how the West is trying to undermine affordable medicines for the poor

Now it's illegal to write down prices in Tesco supermarket - so crowdsource remembered prices online (v @rlancefield)

The special trick that helps identify dodgy #stats - I've always found Benford's Law rather wonderful #numbers

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh: BRAI Bill - Bulldozing public opinion - bullying, more like... #india #monsanto

Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 File-Sharing Decision Against Joel Tenenbaum - "case grinds on"

Cablegate: #EU-#US Negotiations on trade, health etc - nausea-inducing chumminess as they stitch us up

"would create the impression of a deal being struck behind closed doors": Italian WIPO rep of EU patent harmonisation –

WTO Rules Against Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labels - US consumers want it, dolphins want it...but WTO says no: time to go, #WTO Strikes False Balance On Climate Change - "climate-realist perspective": lipstick on the denialist pig

#FSF speaks against patent and DRM provisions at Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators' meeting - good to see #tpp

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