Tuesday, 27 September 2011


#English asserting itself as new generation's lingua franca - http://bit.ly/ncc76p no surprise, but #german stats interesting

Spotify Gains 1 Million New Facebook Users Following f8 - http://bit.ly/orBY5g this is why #spotify is hitching its wagon to #facebook

London hospital to deploy #opensource patient record system - http://bit.ly/o34EvC let's hope it spreads #uk #healthcare

Google Plus Traffic Went Up 1269% Last Week - http://t.co/VJpsGHnL that's what I call an uptick...

new #Delicious is live - http://bit.ly/n6nW8T but is it delicious?

World’s Engineers: “The Technology Needed to Cut the World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 85% by 2050 Already Exists” - http://bit.ly/nCWLvo

Why I am cheering for Opera - http://bit.ly/nYlepn "causality is a deeper principle than Special Relativity"; sensible stuff

FLOSS Manuals & Tunisian Activists Teach How To Bypass Internet #Censorship - http://bit.ly/owrs7A that's a telling link-up; free #cc-by

They’re Back – Porn Outfit Sues UK Citizens For Illegal File-Sharing - http://bit.ly/qiVO0l at least they've got the right judge #copyright

Why It's Time to Party Like It's 2011 - http://bit.ly/r11MBY what politicians must learn from the Pirate Party's success in Berlin #politics

AsktheEU.org - http://bit.ly/qjEypr "New one-stop portal makes requests for EU documents easy"; great idea - launched tomorrow #foi #ogov

UK #Labour Party wants journalism licenses, will prohibit "journalism" by people "struck off" - http://bit.ly/pAxpMb pure authoritarianism

Public Knowledge Statement on Signing of #ACTA - http://bit.ly/rkmA7G the rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem... #us #japan

#Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab - http://bit.ly/ocQshl such a lovely company...

Police Caught #Tasing Teen Without Warning - http://bit.ly/o4nXhn in the face: appalling. good job we have mobiles to record this stuff

#SlideShare ditches Flash, rebuilds entire site in HTML5 - http://bit.ly/pn9Ity so, do we actually need #flash for anything these days?

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