Thursday, 29 September 2011


The Staggering Stats of #China’s #Mobile Sector [Infographic] - putting things in context

EU will not join countries in signing #ACTA this weekend - a temporary reprieve... (v @SinkDeep)

Open #Education: It’s not impossible, it’s already here - crucial issue for the future

#Nokia’s Meltemi project tipped to bring new low-end #Linux OS to “the next billion” - whoa, this is strange #mobile

Wikipedia Unveils Probably the Coolest QR Thingy Ever Made - linking QR codes to #wikipedia entries

Commissioner orders extracts from note of Blair/Bush telephone discussion to be disclosed - could be fun #iraq #torture

We’re Poisoning the Oceans and It Threatens Our Food - more not-good things... #co2

pic of the week: Garrick's Temple To Shakespeare: Hampton Riverside - a little bucolic tranquillity to start the day

Karlheinz #Stockhausen: A Chronological Playlist - I just lurve "Gruppen" #spotify

Net neutrality supporters file lawsuit against #netneutrality rules - can't see it working, but worth trying

Is #Amazon’s Silk Browser a #Copyright Pirate? - ha! excellent point

Lady Geek - interesting: "Helping businesses sell technology to women" #uk

#China's patent EXPLOSION could leave West behind - patent quantity nothing to do with true #innovation

Will the European Parliament Give Up On Protecting a Free Internet? - probably: they don't understand #netneutrality

Amazon And Apple Have Mirror Opposite Tablet Content Strategies - agreed - and #amazon's looks stronger, long term

RT @jerezim Asked @NeelieKroesEU how she intends to keep the Net open without #NetNeutrality introduced #IGF11 >>bravo

Spotify rolls out ‘Private Listening’ mode to counter Facebook sharing complaints - ek hears the music...

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