Friday, 2 September 2011


MI5 former chief decries 'war on #terror' - kudos - some amazingly sane comments from her #uk #blair

#Twitter Keeps Suspending Accounts Based On Highly Questionable #DMCA Claims - seriously bad news

Freedom of Information and big business - important issue that will come up time & again #foi

'New laws not needed' to block / censor Twitter et al - useful analysis #censorship #uk

What Re-Releases of Star Wars can Teach Us About Art and Product Management - is this the future of content?

#ACTA: Delicate matter of incompatibility with fundamental rights - rights *are* delicate (v @schestowitz)

Anti-#Piracy Lawyers Retreat, Drop Another Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit - another one bites the dust

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Monopoly - #sarkozy says freedom & respect for intellectual monopolies at same level

#China questioned #Australia's rights record: cables - well, they would do (v @wikileaks)

fine post by music critic giving context to anti-#Israel protests at BBC #Prom last night - "I am an outraged Jew"

RT @EUXTV @StopActaNow #ACTA treaty violates human rights, new study says #Copyright #Internet >>useful, rigorous

West #Papua movement gains steam - long overdue (v @amworldtodaypm @Asher_Wolf)

Kodar Mountain Range in Zabaykalsky (Transbaikalia) Krai, Russia - fab pix of wonderful-looking place (v @yakutia)

A charter for #torture - shameful stuff, still going on in Afghanistan #uk #us

Plods to get dot-uk takedown powers - without court order - I'm sure this will be rarely used... #censorship

#Baidu produces cloned #Android, web apps etc - fork...

Terrorism charges for 2 in Mexico who spread attack rumor on #Twitter, Facebook - insane overreaction (v @SinkDeep)

Report: #Intel To Kill #MeeGo Development “Temporarily” - back in a century or two...

Pirate Bay User Heavily Fined For Sharing Single Album - they call this justice? I think not #lawindisrepute

Western Firms Aided Libyan Spies - oh, really? (v @4b5 @Jonny_Hallam) #libya #surveillance

#Obama halts controversial EPA regulation - this man is just a total joke: what a huge betrayal of the world's hopes

Journal editor resigns over 'flawed' paper co-authored by climate sceptic - oh look, more denialist nonsense revealed

Julian Assange faces arrest in Australia over unredacted #WikiLeaks cables - yet another twist in this amazing saga

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