Thursday, 15 September 2011


Google purchases Big Blue patents to defend Android - patent MADness continues

О Москве, открытых данных и скепсисе - a sceptical look at Moscow's #opendata moves #russia

Zoo Death Stirs Debate About Keeping Dolphins in Captivity - they're still debating it? #ethology

Makers & surgical trainee team up to improve prototyping bones from CT scans with 3D printers - more fab #fabber stuff

Dan D’Amico: An Economist’s Look at Intellectual Property Law - "finds no compelling case"

Mexico: two tortured, murdered as warning to those using Twitter and blogs to report narco-crime - appalling escalation

Open Source CartoSet Makes Beautiful Maps Fast & Easy - excellent addition to #opensource toolset #opengeo

U.S. Senate's PROTECT IP Act Gathering Steam - looking bad (v @jamesallworth)

Original Pronunciation: English language texts in period speech - ooh, exciting #linguistics #shakespeare

#Qatar opens .QA domain name registration to the public - the Arab alternative - .قطر - looks even classier

Bankers: an anthropological study - "financial word is too important to leave to the bankers"; fascinating (v @jjn1)

The Curse of Tina - wonderful piece of writing about chickens, pirate radio & murder (v @PeteDotAscian @Colvinius)

#China verurteilt vier Uiguren zum Tode - more bad stuff happening in #xinjiang #uighurs

yes, you can print a bell with an integral clapper - wow, that's clever #3dprinting #campanology

Canadian Police Issue File-Sharing Scam Letters Fraud Warning - will this have knock-on consequences for the approach?

Teach our kids to code #epetition - great post, important idea: please sign and RT if you can #uk #education

Lançada edição n.29 da Revista Espírito Livre! - latest edition of magazine, free download [pdf] #freesw

Lançada edição n.29 da Revista Espírito Livre! - latest edition of magazine, free download [pdf] #freesw

Teach our kids to code #epetition - great post, important idea: please sign and RT if you can #uk #education

Synthetic yeast allows on-demand evolution - binary code, digital DNA... #genomics

Are UK civil servants giving more work to SMEs – or less? - the big, unanswered question; matters for #opensource

Paga aims to bring mobile money services to millions of unbanked Nigerians - more interesting moves in #africa

researcher in al-Qaida raid paid £20,000 by police - for downloading manual; plod unrepentant #waronterror

Jobs at the Open Knowledge Foundation - several, in fact #openknowledge

UK Culture Secretary Hunt's speech - doesn't know different between theft & infringement; copies Sarkozy on "liberty"

U.S. Patent Overhaul Won't Help Innovators - no surprises here, but explains the issues clearly

Urge the EU Parliament to Stand For Net Neutrality - again </sigh> #netneutrality

Drugs and Copyright: A Fable - what if we could print drugs as easily as we copy files? #piracy #liberty

HathiTrust Single-Handedly Sinks #Orphan Works Reform - should have been done as open project

#Newzbin2 builds #BT block-averting measures into its sw - "it took coders less than two months to defeat the ban"

French Prime Minister encourages greater use of open formats - great; but what exactly does "open" mean? RF or FRAND?

A year after shutdown, #LimeWire still hugely popular - would have been good for licensed service?

An interstellar bummer - "I don't think we're ever getting off this rock"; nope - maybe we should look after it...

Number of people in US without health insurance climbs - to nearly 50 million; staggering

European Commission buys #Microsoft for 20 years without competition - shameful behavious #procurement #lockin

The #copyright revolution at US art museums - #pd high-res images: kudos. NB, National Portait Gallery (v @Copycense)

Shouldn't Unilateral Retroactive Copyright Extension Mean #Copyright Is Void? - they broke the contract, so yes...

#Mozilla Launches Open Badges Project - oh please: what next? an Internet naughty step?

#Windows 8: Here Comes Another Football (Comic) - simultaneously funny, wise & sad

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license enforced in Germany - important stuff (v @beabusaniche)#cc #licensing

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