Monday, 19 September 2011


Pirate Party Enters Berlin Parliament After Historic Election Win - pretty amazing; who's next? #pirateparty #germany

Brazilian police arrest suspects in Amazon murders of environmentalists - but was anyone else behind them?

Six Provocations for #BigData - "computationality might then be understood as an ontotheology": indeed; interesting

Obama's millionaire tax is class war, say Republicans - no, class war is 50 million Americans without healthcare cover

#Alibaba Requires Real-name Authentication - the meme is spreading everywhere #privacy

Radioactivity 10 times normal in Avignon; could be directly linked to explosion at Marcoule - no leaks? (v @jwildeboer)

RT @airvpn .it draft law with "one strike" disconnections, mandatory filters, proscription lists & worse>> siamo pazzi? #italy

DNA = data not available? - UK's DNA #database still a dangerous mess #privacy

Boarding Berlin: The Pirate Party Triumph in the German Capital (FAQ) - useful background to the win

short analysis of Internet killer Centemero draft law by @PaoloBrini- looks worse & worse (v @airvpn)#italy

Making Open Data Real: A Response - not a very good one, though...I hope you can do better #opendata #opengov

Save our #countryside - #epetition to tell #UK government to take a the unspoilt landscapes

#Colombia's national security database sold to drug lords & foreign governments [es] - ouch (v @dickinsonbeth @EthanZ)

30 Years Of Music Industry Change, In 30 Seconds... - charting rise & fall of the CD (v @Copycense @AVArchivist)

"Kindly kill yourself immediately": a tale of writing about #4chan - brave chap...

MagyarLeaks: This Is A Test of the Hungarian Media Law - fingers crossed (v @ifikra @asteris)#hungary

Beer company threatens Tibetan antelope - "partly owned by the London-based #SABMiller brewery company": shame on them

Is #Android really free software? - by #RMS - you can probably guess the rest #linux #gnu

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