Wednesday, 14 September 2011


El Parlamento Europeo vota a favor del saqueo al dominio público - a round-up of outrage #copyright #pd

48 Hours to End Ocean Clear-Cuts - insanely destructive #epetition #avaaz

Record numbers of golden eagles poisoned in Scotland in 2010 - grouse estates likely culprits: scum (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Vocre Lets You Instantly Converse In Foreign Languages - this stuff seems to be getting better & better

Effect of #NHS reforms on #FOI rights - collateral damage #uk

Pharma Executive To Head #Gates’ Global Health Program - "oriented toward northern pharmaceutical industry practices"

Michele Bachmann, the HPV vaccine and the Republican landscape - the race to the anti-science bottom

#Ushahidi to Track Breaking News Trends on #Wikipedia - "how Wikipedia editors track, evaluate and verify sources"

Photos: Chinese blaze new paths in #Africa - fascinating images of the new world order; recommended #china

UK children stuck in 'materialistic trap' - "are bought off with 'branded goods' by their parents"; interesting

IKS Semantic Contest - "winners receive 40,000 Euro to realise their proposal, & three runners-up receive 10,000 Euro"

Meat guns - and their relation to meat is, of course, the problem guns...

Would You Sue a Restaurant for $30,000 If They Didn't Pay You Royalties? - more #copyright absurdity (v @copyrightgirl)

#Twitter continues its European focus with a new UK #Blog - interesting move

Microsoft sells 650,000 win7 licences each day - ~ same as no. of #android activations each day (v @jackschofield)

#Copyright extension is welcome, but it doesn't go far enough - same old yapping about #piracy: is the record stuck?

Unglaublich: Petition gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung sprengt 50.000er Marke - that's good #surveillance #germany

#Stephenson’s #REAMDE: perfectly executed, mammoth, ambitious technothriller - wow; bought it 60 seconds ago...

Bad Money Drives Out Good In Spotify - shy #spotify has much to do on its classical curation

How Cliff Richard kept the royalties rolling in - @billt with a good, grown-up piece on extension (v @copyrightgirl)

1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf - what an amazing endeavour (v @alastairotter @gussilber)

What if You Deliberately Used #BitTorrent To Distribute Your Book? - you mean some don't? #ebooks

International Journal of the Commons - latest issue now available; not light, but interesting stuff #commons

DG Trade´s short prescription for access to medicine - 1st World arrogance & sheer callousness #cancer #heartdisease

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