Thursday, 8 September 2011


#HTC Bites Back Against #Apple, Suing With #Patents it Got From Google - Apple deserves this, but such a waste

#LibreOffice and drift apart - fascinating watching this fork happen #opensource

The Economics of Open Data – Mini-Case, Transit Data & Translink - excellent analysis of why free makes business

#P2P lawyer: IP address not enough, let me search all PCs in the house - this is where #copyright insanity takes us

Michael Hart (1947 - 2011): Prophet of Abundance - tragic early loss of a great man #projectgutenberg #pd #copyright

Shard View at Night Panorama - wow: amazing high-resolution pic of #london from on high

Top Entrepreneurs Warn Congress: PROTECT IP Will Stifle Innovation & Hurt Job Growth - useful

Microsoft signs #Android patent deals with Acer and ViewSonic - more fool them#

Inside a $59 Billion Heist: World’s Software Pirates - more #BSA tripe; here are the facts –

RT @newsbrooke The lunacy of allowing public bodies to copyright official documents. (via @FOIMonkey) >>important precedent

#BSA secret agenda: open source saves the world - oh, well played, sir!

#Google Buys Local Restaurant Reviews And Recommendations Company #Zagat - losing focus?

South African fossils halfway between ape and human - one for the Creationists... #evolution

#Mozilla’s Media, Freedom and the Web Festival, November 2011 - in #london, too

European Council Offers Rebuke to U.S. #Secrecy Policy - interesting (v @normative)

A Simpler Explanation of Why Software is Mathematics - v long, v impressive #patents

Ethical Investment Revolt - HP & Microsoft deleted from Dow Jones Sustainability Index - straws in the wind (v @rmack)

Kellogg's Stakes Claim To Toucans, Mayan Imagery; Cease-and-Desist To Guatemalan Non-Profit - #kellog's makes me gag

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