Saturday, 24 September 2011


Why the Best Days of #OpenHardware are Yet to Come - important post; big implications for openness

Facebook Hosts 4% Of All Photos Ever Taken In History - yes: technology promotes creativity better than copyright

Bt cotton fostering illegal child labour? - disturbing link #india #gm

Pirate Service Makes Textbook Rentals Last Forever - I don't think this will be popular in some quarters #ebooks

With #ACTA, manipulation returns to European Parliament - important: lots of bad stuff happening behind closed doors

Ruins of Dead Social Networks - "What would the ruins of #Facebook look like?" (v @akaSassinak @Asher_Wolf @CraigDButt)

Sprinting for Open Source - "to discuss everything and anything concerning the free #documentation of free software"

Alert To Activists: Customs Enforcement of IPR - more details of #EU's dangerous moves on #intellectualmonopoly front

EA's New User Agreement Bans Lawsuits - surely they can't short-circuit the legal system in this way? #law

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