Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Pirates, Activists and Civil Liberties – Interview with Rick Falkvinge, #Pirate Party Founder - http://bit.ly/vkMRtu good intro to key ideas

Google lawyer: Why the patent system is broken - http://bit.ly/uwVkGv would have had more force if they'd said this louder before lawsuits

Mobile tipped to grow 60% in #Africa passing 1 billion subscriptions by 2016 - http://tnw.co/w36Y8m huge potential here: listening, #google?

Gabriel #Fauré: Complete Works on #Spotify - http://bit.ly/tMUTRC perfect late-night listening

MT @LifeinSicily @john_hooper Hair-raising poll: 1/3 of Italians wd b prepared to live under an authoritarian regime http://bit.ly/uC7SGf

#Canonical hiring #Chromium engineers - http://bit.ly/s40rkM a-ha (v @codfather)#firefox

Origins of the #Pirate Party: Privacy, Sharing Innovation - http://bit.ly/uVmiqL fascinating stuff #sweden

#London #Maps: The Magical, The Methodical And The Multifaceted - http://bit.ly/thFNh7 "A Walk Through H" is one of my favourite films...

Indians demand action after #Paraguay’s ‘hiding tribe’ spotted - http://bit.ly/tSG6Es an unfolding tragedy

UK digital album sales hit 21.3m, surpassing 2010 figure with 2 months to spare - http://tnw.co/sbFCUw so how's that "decimation by piracy"?

Evil social networks - http://bit.ly/u76nxI #Klout gets clouted

The Darknet Project: netroots activists dream of global mesh network - http://bit.ly/tXhJ7x we're gonna need lots of these #resilience

EU consulting on #interoperability and public procurement - http://bit.ly/ubSqtJ only "IT companies and those in public administrations"

PRCA Gets A Window To Appeal In The Meltwater News #Copyright Case - http://bit.ly/vXQNoS let's hope it does

Viacom, 'Decimated By Piracy,' But Its CEO Got The Biggest Raise Of Any Exec Anywhere - http://bit.ly/sZge43 "a $50 million raise"; Mr 1%

the top 50 media tweeters - http://bit.ly/uu7Ym5 clueless: no one from outside traditional news outlets listed (not that I'm bitter)

Free As In Freedom: But Whose Freedom? - http://bit.ly/vQTsv7 tricky stuff, freedom... #rms #gpl #cc

RT @edyong209 @BoraZ Technorati's Blogosphere report shocks bloggers by reminding them that Technorati still exists bit.ly/ujNgsi

If #WikiLeaks is dying, then the #NYT is partly to blame - http://bit.ly/sduLS8 definitely true, IMHO

Koch brothers: secretive billionaires to launch vast database with 2012 in mind - http://bit.ly/ubzn8w this will be fun when it's leaked

GeneWatch on UK #DNA Database figures. (PDF) http://t.co/6AcUXJtT superb rebuttal of idiocies about efficacity (v @privacyint)

#EU Parliament Votes To Oppose Most #Farm #Antibiotic Use - http://bit.ly/tSkgDt wow, fantastic if it's implemented

Lego army invades Chalkfestival to "Free" Ego Leonard - http://bit.ly/swEPwj wonderful triumph of art & science

The One Change You Need to Make to the New Gmail Interface - http://bit.ly/t3v2jO brilliant - #google could have told me (v @jamesfallows)

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