Friday, 11 November 2011


Fake British WWII passport for Hitler - topping spot of humour

Pyotr Ilyich #Tchaikovsky: Complete Works - 48 hours of tuneful wonders #spotify

Court rejects AVM´s claims opposing third party modifications of GPL software - another big win for #gpl

Man faces #libel allegations over Amazon book review - no details; probably daft (v @copyrightgirl @Philip_Hannay)

SOPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act – Is It Really Dangerous? - #mozilla's legal chap weighs in

Readers in US, Russia, Germany and India are the most pleased with #Wikipedia Article Quality - more stats

Warner Bros. Admits Sending HotFile False Takedown Requests - already abusing the system, and they want more?

Barnes & Noble subpoenas Nokia over Microsoft Android lawsuit - gets even more interesting

Open Data Day – a project I’d like to be doing - I like the "adopt a tree" idea #opendata

Amazon Ups Orders From Kindle Fire Suppliers To 5 Million Units - wonder what effect will have on iPad sales?

Virgin Media, TalkTalk snub kind offer to block Newzbin2 - they'd be mad not to... #censorship

how non-software patents too reduce consumer choice - buckets of prior art USPTO ignored (v @steveloughran @ebarroca)

mobile fingerprinting device that also checks your sweat for drugs - the police are gonna love this...

Public Health Groups Launch Global Campaign Against Abbott Labs’ #Monopoly on Critical AIDS Medicine - #patents kill

petition against #clusterbombs - again? I thought we'd beaten this abomination? shame on US for pushing for them

American Censorship Day - I fear the US may be celebrating this on a regular basis...

Is Google losing it? - sadly, the evidence suggests that it is...

Google Plus’ biggest failing? It doesn’t understand its users - someone else with concerns about #google

Why The Internet of Things Will Be Open - there is no alternative etc. #eclipse #ibm #openstandards

HTC and LG join the Open Invention Network - but LG also signs up with the supertroll Intellectual Ventures: overkill?

Android dominates in Southeast Asia as smartphone sales leap 1,000% - from low base, but still important

#Tobacco lobby threatens EU over plain packaging - scum; I'm tempted to tell them where they can put a lit cigarette

Interview with Michael Nielsen, author of Reinventing Discovery - mathematician & #openscience hero (v @McDawg)

Yikes! The Digital Music Business Is Still Stuck in 2005 - ringtones are definitely the future

St Ignucius blessing outside St Paul's - good to see he hasn't lost his touch #RMS

Music Rights Group Bills Internet Providers For Piracy ‘Licence’ - sense of entitlement knows no limits

#Viacom Says That By Letting People View Videos On Phones, YouTube Loses #DMCA Safe Harbors - spectacularly clueless

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