Sunday, 20 November 2011


Labour releases New Zealand's first Open Government policy - good to see it spreading (v @clarecurranmp)#ogov #nz

Mediagoblin, an open #Flickr alternative, just launched version 0.1.0 - more of these needed

A partly secret ratification process… How deep do you want to sink? - something to hide, much? disgusting #acta

Learning From #Beethoven: Speeding Up The Exchange Of Scientific Knowledge - don't miss LvB's quote on #sharing

for no particular reason (as if one were needed) here's a poem by my favourite poet for your Saturday delectation –

Clegg orders fresh review of UK extradition treaty - about time

Mercedes manager from Germany arrested in Alabama - for being a furriner, essentially...

When Whales Walked in Egypt - fab headline, marvellous illustration #evolution

(more) 3D street art around the world - in pictures - these really are v clever (v @janetedavis)

#SOPA's latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection - worse & worse

Microsoft Surface Beaten By 65 Inch #Android Tablet - oh, poor little plucky #Microsoft, stuffed again...

EU comes clean on phosphates ban in detergents - long overdue #environment

Barnes & Noble pummels Microsoft #patents with prior art - this case gets more & more significant #fud #android

#Taiwan set to become an ‘#Android Island’ in new proposals - cool idea

Barnes & Noble Lawyers Up Some More, Finds More Prior Art - typically thorough stuff from #groklaw

Are We All Online Criminals? - of course; is the law an ass? inevitably...

[avignon] Day 2, Debate: “IP is a universal value” - the arrogance & ignorance of the 1% here is staggering

Anonymous "dimnet" tries to create hedge against DNS #censorship - interesting, but not what we really need

Swedish Study Shows File Sharing And Music Buying Go Hand-In-Hand - yet another study confirming this link #spotify

High Court: TVCatchup reproduces copyrighted films ... in #buffers - #copyright struggling with technology again

E-Publishing The Chinese Way: Very Fast And Very Cheap - interesting approach #publishing

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers - 250,000 in 16 years; "persuaded to use genetically modified seeds" #india #gm

Memo to American Bankers Association from lobbyists spells out $850,000 anti-#OWS plan - dirty tricks

RIAA Thinking Of Backing Righthaven - truly made for each other #copyright

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