Saturday, 12 November 2011


How To Become A Scientific Author In Poland: Delete Part Of Someone Else's Article You Think Is Wrong - no, really

Help analyse answers to #IPRED consultation - help LQDN fight this imminent EU legislation

Everything should be open source, says WordPress founder - sound chap

Importance of microblogs in China shown as #Weibo pass 550 million users - #twitter eat your heart out

HR 2930 and Open Source Funding - "will allow entrepreneurs to bypass the entire vulture capital bottle neck"

Bechtolsheim: AWS, open source rewrite rules for startups - well, I think that's been evident for a while...

Thailand’s $130 million junior school tablet initiative set for trial - talks of $100 tab: maybe #linux...?

For Clues About Who They're Meeting, Check Lobbyists Tweeting - good point #lobbying

Illegally downloaded games 'up 20% in five years' - #bbc gives other side too, for a change (v @copyrightgirl @M2Ys4U)

Expert: 'Right to be forgotten' could cause problems for publishers - this is going to be a right mess

good to see BBC beginning to report on the mess that is #patents - (v @Coadec)

World's first biz computer was British – and sold teacakes- was probably inevitable that tea was involved #history

Ken Starks: The Unsung Hero - seconded #freesw

The Feargal Sharkey/UK Music rumour mill - lots of possibilities, some good, some bad...

Why it's important to pull together on libel reform, despite some differences

And Then There Were Three: Bye, Bye EMI - who's next? #music #businessmodels

Red Hat Co-Founder’s Latest Venture Prepares to Battle Amazon - typical upbeat stuff from Bob Young (v @schestowitz)

New Chinese govt crackdown forces reporters to verify news from Internet - won't this just make trad media boring?

New Yorker, Wired and More Coming Free to Kindle Fire for 3 Months - clearly pleased to have alternative to iPad

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